How to Save Money On Clothes Shopping Part 1

7 March, 2017

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 - by Kate Watson

Have you ever wounder how much you can save money on clothes shopping ? I have managed to do this and it really helps to boost your savings.

Here are tips for saving  money on clothing.

Planning and Budgeting

Before going for clothes shopping it always a good idea to plan your spending money. How much you budget mainly depend on how much you can afford . Setting a budget will help you to see how much you need to spent this will help you not to overspent. When you know how much you want to spent on clothes shopping its best to stay within your set clothing budgeting  and to follow your plan.

Payment methods

Think about the payment method you are going to use. Always use cash or debit card avoid using credit cards as they can easily put you in debt.

Do your research

Research on where to buy your clothes . Subscribe to clothes store newsletters  so that they will email you when they have sales . Store likeTK Marksand Nextthey offer this. You may be laughing at this every but I make every effort to be the first on the queue when ever there is a sale at Next especially the one that start at 5am. I have managed to find massive bargains.

Ask yourself do I really need it

It a good idea to always ask yourself if you really need what you are going to buy. If you have  second thoughts its best to leave it.  Should you go ahead and buy you will only end up with clothes in a closet that you have never use.

Mynext articlewill be part 2 of this post were I shall review my top secretes of bargain findson clothes

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