How to Save Money On Clothes Shopping Part 2

19 March, 2017


How to save money on clothes shopping Part 1Ways of Saving Money by Cooking you own food


 - by Kate Watson

As I promised in mylast article Part 1 of this post i will be revealing my top secretes of saving money on clothes shopping.

Here are my top secrets

Try to do your shopping at the end of the season.This will save you loads of money as shops will be clearing their stock to the new season. You can even bargain on the prices that you will pay for you clothes. Don’t shy away form  asking for a discount if you think the price is high.

  • Ditch the designer labels

Instead of buying designer label go for cheaper one, by the way  noone will know its a replica except you alone.  You can also look for affordable designer labels inTk  Marksthey often sale them. Shops like ASOS sale clothes that  are nearer to the designer label and you get them very cheap.

Use EBay to buy new or used clothes. Its an excellent place to shop for clothes. Always remember to buy from someone who has a reputable feedback profile.

  • Buy from charity shops, car boots sale and  church rummage

Buying clothes from charity shops, car boots sale and  church rummage is a good way of saving money. You will be surprised about the prices as you can get new, unworn, clothing with tags for even 50 pence.What a bargain!

  • Trade in clothes with family and friends

Trading in your clothes with family and friends is another way of saving money on clothing. You can even  trade in clothes for money and get some extra money.

Shops give out vouchers to their customer from now and again. Don’t loose out on these, use the vouches and save hundreds of £££s

Have got any tips on how to save on clothes shopping. Share them in the comments.

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