How to Save On Grocery Shopping

4 February, 2015


Food and grocery shopping tend to be the highest weekly expenditure in most families. After all, we need to eat and want to enjoy the luxury of choosing our food from the huge range of choices out there on the grocery store shelves. Our grocery bills are increasing with the cost of food prices. So what can you do to save on your groceries?

My experience as a poor student abroad taught me one great way of saving. Find out how after the jump!

Save by looking out for reduced deals on groceries!


Supermarkets have a shelf life for their perishable food and most of them tend to reduce their prices drastically towards the end of the day. Often, you will find bakery items discounted, sometimes up to 50% off, towards the evening as they prepare to close for the night. In most cases, the items are still fresh as they may only have been baked several hours before and are still soft and perfectly good. Locally, I have noticed hypermarkets such as Tesco and Giant doing great “Buy 1, Free 1″ offers on their breads at night, sometimes even on their freshly baked potato bread or coffee buns!

Besides the bakery, take a peek into the frozen food section as well! Sometimes, if you are lucky, you will find some really great deals on close to expiry frozen food or food with slightly damaged packaging. I have found some really delicious frozen fish fingers in Tesco which were heavily marked down, simply because the box they were in was crumpled! Often, the expiry dates are still one to two months away and they are still perfectly fine for consumption if you eat them soon.

Nevertheless, do be sure to always check the expiry date and condition of the goods before you buy them. Be extra careful of fresh food items that have been discounted, such as meat or fish, as these may have higher risks compared to bread and frozen food.

Remember, it’s not about how much you earn but how much you can save!

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