Important Information to Know When Looking for Health Insurance

3 April, 2014

Thanks to the Internet, consumers don’t have to go out and search for the best deals, especially when looking for health insurance. You can quickly compare prices and offers from different agencies and buy online easily with just a few clicks of the mouse. But if you’re considering buying a policy online, you must consider the following information.

Just like other insurance products, health insurance has its own jargon. You should be familiar with these terms before signing up for a policy. Majority of insurance companies ask you to undergo a physical before they underwrite you for a policy. That’s because the result of your physical will determine how much your rate or premium will be for your health insurance coverage.

Some insurance providers will not exercise due diligence from the start (comparing your physical vis-a-vis your completed application form/questionnaire), on an off chance that you won’t get sick, injured or suffer from a devastating illness.

And when you DO get sick, they will dissect your policy hoping to find a way out of paying your health insurance claims. When they do find that hole, they’ll move heaven and earth to not pay your claim or have your entire policy canceled. But don’t be disheartened, only a few small insurance companies do this.

Which is why you must be very cautious when choosing a health insurance company. Do a thorough research on them, check their ratings and feedback. All of these can be done online.

Ensure that the application you fill up have full disclosure and a complete and accurate evaluation of your health lest you find your future health-related claims denied.

Sometimes, your health insurance agent will be the one who will fill out the health insurance application for you. When this is the case, double check it thoroughly for accuracy. Agents get paid based on the business they bring in to the insurance company, make sure that no shortcuts were taken just so you can be insured by the company.

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