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7 April, 2013

The main motto of US department of education is “Education for all”. The thinking is different though. As far as the developing countries are concerned; they find it difficult to impart the education to even all of their citizen children. In fact, the US policies are completely going to be different from the rest. There are completely different set of objectives in front of Obama. There is no doubt at all that all the US citizen children are getting the education but Obama pretends to guide the US department of education in his own way now, which he has thought from the start. He feels that teachers have always been the nation builders and US has to accept it and he also has used two words accountability as well as rigidity, which needs to be implemented in all our works. The education challenges are the first priority of Obama these days and he is set to deal with all the challenges of the education department soon. He firmly believes that he can do a lot to reform the no child left behind policy of US but till now he has to focus himself on the financial issues due to recession. He feels that the time has come to fulfill this promise.

According to Obama, we need to focus on helping the child how they can get ahead and not just providing them education. Obama feels we should now impart better education and this is required because the future is not going to be that easy in any case. We need to make America far more competitive. We cannot forget the educational challenges at any cost. For him if we will compromise with the education challenges then we are compromising with the countries future and we cannot just do that. He feels that the congressional democrats as well as the republicans should think as there is not just enough money for this and we cannot just leave it for any delay further.

Obama has promised to double the student loans amount and he is trying to set new competition levels for the US Department of Education jobs. The next 4 billion dollar aid is going to greatly affect the US department of education loans policies. He is known to fulfill all his promises and thus we can think that federal student loans limits are going to be increased. We need to implement institutions like ACS education in Australia.

Majority of the schools in America on the failing list. The survey suggests that 70% of the schools are failing. He thinks we need to check all of them and we need to help them out. He knows what the role of the father as well is going to be in future, being himself a father. He knows that his/her give parents the first lesson to the child. He believes that the parents will have to play an important role and the teachers will have an important role to play. There is genuine need to appoint better teachers now and we will have to admit that the teachers are the most important nation builders.

In the entire history, America has provided the best facilities to all its children but now there is a need to provide them to all. Any way we are talking about no child left behind. We should make sure that they are always ahead as far as the education is concerned. The US deparment of education will now have to make sure that each child of America is getting best facility and they all have the equal chance to move ahead.

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