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12 March, 2010

The Harry Potter Lego Game, officially known as the Lego Hogwarts Game Lego set 3862, it’s great for kids under ten.

The object of the game is that the main characters Harry, Hermione, Ron and Malfoy to move around HogwartsHogwarts Castle, up moving stairs and secret passageways collecting pieces of their homework as they go. The winner is the player to collect all the pieces of their homework and get back to the common room first.

It resembles classic board games like ludo, or snakes and ladders, but with a few wizardy twists! The board actually changes, with secret passages disappearing, and staircases move as the players try to delay each other whilst going from room to room collecting their homework.

The game works brilliantly and keeps kids busy for hours. First off, it’s Lego, so they have to build the board including the die themselves before they start play. This takes an hour or more to do, so allow fo this! However the box is designed to hold the board mostly in it’s built up state. Though, bizarrely or not, many of kids seem to enjoy building the board as much as playing it.

The instructions are provided as expected but they encourage players to bend them a little as they go along.

The game board itself is built of sixteen square tiles, four classroom areas, and 12 or so sets of stairs which slide and rotate around depending on a throw of the die, and this makes play unpredictable. The aim is to get the 4 ‘homework’ clues from the classes and get back to the common room as the board changes at random or as the rival players endeavor to slow the other.

It works best with kids from 6 to 10 – but the younger ones might require an adult to team up with them as the rules change and players try to stop each other and win. There is a strategy in so much as players need to use sideways thinking in order to work out how best to manipulate the game to further themselves. It’s definitely a game of competition rather than an exercise in cooperation!

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