International and Local Scams Alert Online Business Ideas and Money Making Tips

6 May, 2014

There are scams all over the world. scams have no restrictions. So you
need to be very careful and cautious with whom you deal with, especially
those from the African region, as the tax and banking laws in African
regions are very rigid.

We all find the offer of making quick and easy money
very tempting, but they are not very reliable and you often become the
victim of a common crime.

Both local and international scams are promoted in
many difference ways, it could be an email, a job opportunity, work
permits, work from home opportunities and lottery winnings. Anyone from a
work from home mum, grandmother, retired person or a teenager can
become prey to a scam. One doesn’t often know they are in a scam, until
it’s too late.


ATM scam

There are several scam artists
who prey on ATM users quite regularly. These scam artists hang around
the ATM or sit around in the car and observe you falling into their
trap, which they setup before anyone uses the ATM. How do these scams
operate? The scammers insert a black film in the slot where the ATM
card is inserted and a camera just above it to trace your PIN number.
When the distressed customer walks out to talk to the bank manager to
report the card being swallowed up by the ATM machine, the scam artist
has already recorded the PIN using the camera and pull the black film to
pull out the ATM card. The scammer then takes the camera and ATM card/s
to his or her car or uses it at another ATM to withdraw money from the

Charity scams

Organizations and people
pose as charities and collect money and other items which are then
re-sold for profits. Beware that what you give as charity is being used
to make profits and run a businesses.

Bank account scams

There are several
types of these scams but make sure that you don’t fall for any of them.
You may get a call saying that they are calling from the bank and that
something is wrong with your account and needs your verification. They
ask your personal details to verify the account. There are also scams
where bogus websites are created in the name of some popular Banks and
very confidential account information is being used to withdraw money.

Astrology scams and fortune teller

of money is requested to predict your future and good fortune through
reading tarot cards.

Identity scams

A person’s personal
information is stolen and used to access bank accounts, obtain discounts
and special offer and access restricted areas and files. These scams
exist in a work place as well.


Scam artists are from other countries use pre paid
calling cards, mobile phone connections and email addresses to trick
people. They usually call people from various parts of the world using a
calling card or a mobile phone to inform a person that they are the
lucky winner in a draw of some sort and that they need to send money via
western union or any other mode of payment as insurance to cover their
cash prize. Others use mobile phones to operate their international scam
network and establish bogus company names, so when you call them back
the recorded message is like when you would call any big company.

There are various types of international scams:

  • Scams that offer huge returns on your investments.
    There is no such bank or private lender that can offer huge returns on
    your investment. Places and people who offer high interest rates can be
    easily identified as scams.

  • The Nigerian scam is the most popular
    International scam, where scammers use the government as a scape-goat to
    appropriate money from people in other countries. The worst part of
    this scam is that you cannot report this scam since you are an
    accomplice to the crime as well.
  • Work from home scams – many of us will not know
    that sending money to register for a work from home position is a scam
    until we have actually made the payment. Subscriptions and registrations
    are paid for and the next thing you do is wait for your assignment to
    arrive but it never does or in some instances your work they say is not
    up to the mark.
  • Credit-card wipe out scams – A few of us are
    gullible and would do anything to make our huge credit card expenditure
    disappear. There are many who fall for scams that offer credit card
    rebates and wipe outs. There is really no such thing as a credit card
    wipe out, you simply have to pay for what you purchase.
  • Foreign lottery scams – Even though we have never
    registered or taken part in any foreign lottery, we always get many emails saying that we are a lucky winner, foreign
    lotteries are illegal and therefore since you are not a citizen of that
    country you are on no way eligible to win. The best thing you can do is
    to hit the delete button on such emails. 

Never take anything for granted, especially if you feel that you have just been sent a email or was given a telephone call about an offer that is too good to be true.

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