Is It Fair to Increase Bus and Taxi Fares

30 June, 2014


Bus and taxi fares are set to soar 30% to 50% very soon, as early as next month!

Nazri said the starting fare for taxis would increase from RM2 to RM3 for the first kilometre and from 10 sen to 13 sen for every subsequent 150m.

He said that when a taxi was stationary, such as during a traffic jam, the proposed rate was 13 sen for every 27 seconds, more than a 100% increase from the 10 sen for every 45 seconds.

Although Nazri declined to reveal the proposed fare increase for buses, sources indicated that the rise would be around 30%. (source)

Is this fair? Read on below.

Clear Signs of Inflation

The majority of the public who take public transport are often those who can’t afford to drive and definitely cannot afford to fork out an additional 50% more for their fares to take them from their workplace and back.

With these hikes, their meagre salaries will be squeezed much further as inflation once again rears its ugly head in an already depressed economy.

Increased Fares For Terrible Service

If you have recently taken the public transport, you will realise that we will soon be paying increased fare for very substandard services.

Our buses are all dirty and wheeze black smoke everywhere on the roads. They have probably not been serviced for more than 10 years and the drivers are often reckless, weaving in and out on the roads and stopping wherever they feel like it. Our buses do not even run on a schedule so be prepared to wait for ages to catch your bus under dirty and poorly maintained bus stops.

Taxis are not better with rundown Protons servicing KL and errant taxi drivers who refuse to use the metre and demand exorbitant rates instead. Safety is another big issue as too many molest and rape cases by taxi drivers to their female passengers have gone unreported.

Before any hikes are proposed, the Government should seriously look into improving these services and giving the public their money’s worth before stealing from the poor man on the street. Perhaps we should start preparing ourselves for train fares and petrol hikes next!


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