Is It Wise to Shop for Gold Bullion Coins

6 July, 2017

Lots of individuals frequently wonder if it’s a great idea to begin to purchase gold bullion coins or not. My own stance on this specific topic is fairly easy.

If you’d like to protect yourself from the severe realities of the Us economy and all of the unfavorable things that are about to come, then you definitely need to start to buy up as much precious metals as you could so that you’re no more susceptible to the threats of our life style.

First thing you probably need to know is that your money just isn’t quite worth what it used to be. You find it yourself everyday, even though you may not have quite put two and two together. When you visit the grocery store, do you notice that you need to spend a lot more money to get a box of cereal then you once did? Isn’t the chop meat becoming a lot more costly these days?

Do you know the explanation why this is happening? It’s happening because our government is in much debt at this time that they keep printing money to compensate for the lack of money that they’ve got. This continues to cause inflation, and whenever inflation hits it reduces the value of all of the US dollars that you happen to collect throughout your life. So one dollar might only be worth about $.30 when you factor in inflation and compared to just 30 years ago.

Let’s take a quick look at a good example now. In 1980, it only costs $1.19 to purchase a box of Post Raisin Bran. In 2012, it costs $4.19 to buy the same sized box of Post Raisin Bran. What we know about inflation is that the US dollar has lost over 70% of its value during the last 32 years.

Would you want to protect yourself from this monster generally known as inflation? If so, you have to start creating the smart choice and you need to begin to buy gold bullion coins.

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