Just Been Paid Cashout Timing Tips

31 October, 2015

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For the past few weeks we are experiencing some difficulties on cash out from just been paid because it shows that the “cash out limit at the moment is being reached” after you clicked on that cash out button.

With this issues I heard members complaining on the conference calls and in the daily conference room that its really hard to get the money out from just been paid. What I did is I observed the availability of cash out from these different payment processors. It looks like there is a pattern that I was able to observed. ( Looks like working in a call center has some advantage in it aside from gettting less sleep and stress from those irate callers. lol )

In my case I use these 3 payment processors which are egopay, liberty reserve and solid trust pay and almost every hour I normally log in to my jbp account and check which payment processor is available to do some cash out and here is what I observed.

Everything is based on Manila time, okay? Anyway most of my blog reader are pinoy so I think this will not be an issue with the time zone.

Egopay – I noticed that you can withdraw around 3:00 am – 10:00 am Manila. Mostly this payment processor is available but NOT after 11:00 am up until night.

Solid Trust Pay – I noticed that it is available around 2:00 am, 4:00 am – 6:00 am but the rest of the day it’s really hard to get the timing to cash out.

Liberty Reserve – Usually it is available at 10:00 manila. In fact I just cash out yesterday from this payment processor around 10:00 am. But other than that it’s also hard to cash out from this payment processor.

Just Been Paid Pinoy Facebook Group

Most of our fellow pinoy jbp members are posting the time as to when they cash out so you can also check our facebook page right here.

There you go! I hope that I was able to somehow help you out by giving you some tips on when to cash out from jbp. If you can post a comment below that post of your last cash out kindly get the exact time of it so it will serve as a hint for our fellows jbp members that always visit my blog regularly.

Stay tuned for my next posts, Cheers!

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