Just Been Paid in Depth Review

14 May, 2014

Just Been Paid In Depth Review

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Usually when I log on to my jbp account I didn’t really pay attention on the front page of the site but today I went ahead and read the “bullets of benefits” from the home page and this are the things that we will see..

1. Discover the Power of… “Something Positive Always Happening!”

– This site were able to back up this statement with proofs like members are really making money from the site in a daily basis, their conference room is really awesome, weekly conference call with the owner of the site “Frederick Mann”… So definitely everyday there is always positive happening from this site.

2. JustBeenPaid! (JBP) and its related programs operate in accordance with United States Patent 6,578,010 (now public domain).

– Recently they legalized the site by hiring a U.S. State lawyer and made any necessary action to meet the U.S. Compliance Regulations.

3. With our Pay-It-Forward System You Get “$10 Free Money” to Get You Started at No Cost!

– Anyone can literally start with JBP even if you have “no money” to buy position out of your pocket… The site will let you borrow $10 that you can use to buy your first jss tripler position.

4. Every Day, when You Log into Your JSS-Tripler Account, You’ll See that “Something Positive Has Happened”: Your Daily Earnings Have Been Added; You’ve Received Several Payments from Your Downline’s Purchases! (With most other programs, when you log into your account, you see that nothing has changed, and you may interpret this as “Nothing is Happening!” — not satisfying! )

– Other gurus will just hype you and just give you the potential earnings if you join this program or that program they offer and in the end you will NOT make money at all. But with just been paid everything is provided to you and realistically you can see how much will make from the site by using their “income calculator”.

5. No sponsoring Requirements. Make Daily Withdrawals to Get Your Money Out! This may be one of the easiest and best ways to earn money you’ve ever seen!

– If you are into MLM ( multi – level marketing ) the gurus will show you all of the cars, house and all of those luxurious things to you and will also tell you how stable their company is and all of that “benefits” to entice you to blindly join and soon you will realize that you are not making money. Why? Because they forgot to tell you that you need to “sponsor like at least 1,000 people before you can reach their level of success. With JBP you don’t have to sponsor people just to make money. You can make money after 24 hours of joining which is what we call “Progress”…

6. Sponsor People to Earn 10% Referral Bonuses on the First Level and 5% on the Second! Withdraw this Money Daily!

– For those individual that is gifted to sponsor people jbp pays you a handsome residual commission of 10% from your direct referrals and 5% from your referral’s referral. Other programs will just pay you “one time” after you recruited a propect. With just been paid it will pay you each time your referral is buying jss tripler positions and matrix.

7. All Seemingly Similar Programs (Usually Called Revenue-Share Programs, Doublers, Cyclers, Autosurfs, or HYIPs) Slow Down, Stall, and Disappear. This Happened to “The $10 Wonder.” Fortunately, JSS-Tripler is Indefinitely Sustainable!

– This is true that’s why I kinda “cool down” from those hyip’s out there and just focus to just been paid. Though I’m not closing my door to any opportunities out there but as far as putting my focus and dedication, right now jbp is on the top of my list because there is one thing that just been paid that I’m always getting compared to other programs out there and that is… Results!

Enrich Yourself by Joining the JSS-Tripler Money Stampede!

Click here and start making money with just been paid after 24 hours!

Final thought about just been paid as of today – ( 06/30/12 )

Well, obviously just been paid has evolved from “good” to “better”. Just to add they now have the “traffic exchange” since yesterday. So another way to promote your other opportunities since people in just been paid are the perfect prospects that you can promote your other business opportunity. This also addressed the criticisms of non-jbp members that there is “no product” associated with jbp whilst in fact there is a product called “upgrade your brain” and “big success breakthrough”. The traffic exchange is just an enhanced product of jbp. 

I just have my own constructive feedback about jbp. ( Though this is not happened to me yet, I hope not at all! ) I heard that there are accounts that are being hack by other jbp members to steal money from other members. So this security issues must be address but increasing their level of security from the site, like at least adding an “https” or secure socket layer for more security. As well as the “fraud email” that is circulating to the just been paid members about the “liberty reserve bogus raffle promo” because that is no such thing.

 My tip is if you received any email that is asking for your just been paid log in information, just simply don’t click the link inside that email. But if you want to log in to your jbp account specifically log in by going the their URL which is http://justbeenpaid.com. Always check the URL on your browser to make sure that you are logging in to the right website.

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