Just Been Paid Restart Feature Updates

24 May, 2016

Just Been Paid Restart Feature Updates

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It’s been announced by Just Been Paid that the next scheduled restart is going to be on 07/30/12 and the jss positions will be converted up to 50% for all qualifying accounts. (Accounts that are in profit) For bigger accounts it could be more than 50%… To add every jss tripler positions bought from 07/16/12 – 07/30/12 will not be affected and to all new members that joined JBP on 06/30/12 onwards will not be affected as well.

The previous restart was happened on 05/25/12 if I am not mistaken and based from my calculation it will take like 90 days ( in average ) for the next restart but at this time it only took 66 days.

Why the restart was early this time compare from the previous restarts?

Based on the idea of the “restart feature” is that each time that the program begins to have more liabilities versus assets. ( More payments for the jss triplers ) The program will do the restart to balance the assets ( jss matrix ) and liabilities and keep the program definitely sustainable. Because unlike any other program that if they can no longer support the cash flow of their system because of over payments to its members, the program will be forced to get shut down. This is what usually happens to any typical HYIP program on the internet.

Also because of the recent system glitch from JBP like the delays in crediting the daily profits, the delay in the matrix, the server maintenance, all of these create a feeling of “uncertainty” for most members from the program and as a result most members made their “withdrawals”. Obviously if there are lots of money going out than money going in the program will not be able to get a “positive cash flow” so that’s why this next restart comes early than expected.

What are the possible solutions to lengthen the schedule of the restart?

1. JBP needs to upgrade their servers to make the system faster and efficient… Obviously if the jbp members see a huge improvement on the system like getting their matrices cycle faster, completely removing the delays on the daily profits, resolving the issues for the hacked accounts, etc… They will earn the confidence of their investors and soon-to-be members that will definitely increase their cash flow… Based on their last update, they are working on their new “MySql” data base that will resolve this issue, so I guess we just have to observe and see its results for the meantime.

2. Implement the “Just Been Paid Living”, I don’t have any detailed information about this one. But as per Frederick Mann, he said that this is another cash flow from just been paid and for its member. So if he will be able to implement this new program it will give both JBP and its members a window of opportunity to make more money online.

In conclusion, the restart will most likely benefit those members with big accounts ( account that has at least 1,000 jss tripler positions ) because all of the jss tripler positions converted will be transferred to their matrix side which is will give them chance to make $60 per cycle on their account. On the other hand, small accounts those are in profits for at least 1% will prolongs their way to build up their accounts. But in the long term this is will both beneficial for the JBP owner and members.

Stay tuned for my next blog posts as I will cover more tips about this site.

If you haven’t created an account with jbp yet, go ahead and click here and register an account.

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