Kids Art Fayes

4 December, 2011

Children need lots of activities to do this summer, and it can’t be all about fun video games! Get your child on the floor so he or she can make a shadow that can be used to decorate his or her room. After one of your children makes the really cool shadow person, all the friends and neighbor’s kids will want some of this unique kids art, so get ready to show everyone how! Decorating your child’s room and or his or her friends with kids art will be so much fun.

With over a dozen of different poses to choose from as imitating, it has been decided on a person, parent or friends shadow. After he or she has decided on the final pose have another person – a parent or a friend – draw around the child with a piece of chalk. Now the child can move off the fabric. Cut around the shape and you’ve created a fun shadow person. The black cloth can be attached to a bedroom wall – or other place – to make unusual decor.

Instead of using cloth to make the shadows you can use paper. The problem with the paper version is that it’s difficult to find huge, black paper pieces. For that matter, it can be challenging to find huge white paper. If you do you can create the shadow people and color them black. That, however, is time-consuming and not as impressive as the black cloth shadows.

Choosing the cloth for the shadow project is important. When many different types of fabric work best with this ideal of illusion, the very selective fabric to use on these creations is the slick, satin like fabric is not a great selection. Flimsy cloth is not the best for this project.

Thick fabrics work better but not ones that have unusual looks to the surface like velvet or shiny material. Fabrics don’t have to be incredibly thick but should be thick enough so that any wallpaper or paint won’t show through after the shadows are placed on the wall.

The child that is on the cloth can hold objects to create more bold shadows. They can turn on their sides and hold a ball to create a particular look. Go for a different look by having the child bend his knees then, a few inches below, place a skateboard on its side. Cut the shadow and the skateboard out as separate pieces then mount them that way on the wall. You have a lot of great choices for what you can create for your unique shadow people.

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