Kingston Living the Old and the New

24 November, 2016

Are you searching to move to an exciting place that will pique your interest? On the River Thames there is a quaint suburb that might suit your fancy. It is a place southwest of London called Kingston. For someone wishing to reside in this area, here is the perfect place to be.

For the modern-type person desiring old history, this is a great historical location. In the days of old, it was used for the Saxon Coronation. Today, it is a thriving metropolitan area that holds a great number of attractions nearby.

If you’re not looking for big-city living, but want all the benefits, this area is worth looking into. With just a short commute to London, you can experience the city life without the stress.

It is suggested to first visit this grand place where you can explore and experience the Tudor-beamed houses as well as the many different sights and sounds. You can visit the local museums to get a feel of the atmosphere. There are glorious parks along the way that you can sit and enjoy the sunshine.

The best time to visit would be in the summer. You can find a wide variety in restaurants, pubs and cafes along the banks of the River Thames that will please your palette. One of the annual highlights in Kingston is the regatta where you will see the numerous arrays of boats along the river.

For those who enjoy all-day shopping excursions, you will get your fill in Kingston. There are many boutiques and street chains in which you can browse through. Transportation doesn’t need to be a problem. For only a short distance away is Oxford Street, where transportation is easily accessible.

If you enjoy a vigorous shopping excursion, you won’t be disappointed. You can visit the many boutiques and high street chains. Transportation is no problem. Nearby, on Oxford Street, you will find public transportation to get you anywhere you need to be.

You will never find the atmosphere in Kingston to be stuffy. With the local university brining in a large student population to the area, youthfulness abounds. There is an exceptionally intriguing nightlife to be found.

If they desire high adventure, this can be found at the Chessington World of Adventures amusement park. There they can ride the roller coaster or engage in one of the many other activities. You’re sure to find something not far from the town centre.

One of the highly regarded main attractions that Kingston offers is the country estate of Henry VIII. At Hampton Court, you can wander about the many beautiful gardens. You can ever find yourself lost amongst the magnificent maze.

If you’re looking for a place that will caught your fancy to reside in Kingston might be your place. Here it is a perfect area where old meets new, and nothing is ever dull.

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