Laser Hair Removal Essential Information

11 May, 2013

Laser hair removal is highly popular these days in removing unwanted hairs. Compared to mechanical and chemical means, this particular treatment produces the most satisfying and long lasting results. That’s why even despite of its price tag, which varies depending on the area that will receive the procedure, a lot of men and women alike still go for it.

Before you head out to the nearest clinic to get an appointment, there are some things you have to know about it. Knowing how it works and what it does is essential to dispel any myth you might have heard about it. Many experts agree that the treatment is generally safe. The beam of light used here is reduced to a safe wavelength. However, much of it still depends on the capabilities of the technician performing it.

There are different hand-held devices employed. Depending on their kind, each one of them can emit anything from visible light to near-infrared radiation. The most commonly used one is the Nd:YAG laser because it works on nearly all skin types. Before the treatment, the technician will have to assess your skin type to know exactly which kind of device will work for you best.

When the beam of light is emitted, it targets dark-colored objects. Hairs on your body contain a type of pigment called melanin. The more melanin around, the darker the strands are. The strands hit by the light coming from the handheld device heat up, and this is the one which damages the follicles. Located just beneath the skin surface, follicles are tiny sacs responsible for hair production.

People who got skin lighter than their hairs are the best candidates for this treatment. If the skin has more melanin, the light emitted by the hand-held device will target this instead of the hairs. This will make the procedure rather useless. Individuals with pale skin may not be able to enjoy the complete benefits of this mode of removing unwanted hairs.

During the treatment, one can expect some level of pain. Many agree that the sensation is similar to what you feel when a rubber band is snapped against the skin. Many may not find this a big deal, but for those with low tolerance for pain numbing creams may be applied before the treatment. Skin itchiness and redness may be experienced afterwards, but this is normal and it usually disappears after a few days.

The number of sessions needed will be based on some factors. Some of them include the texture and color of hairs, the skin, the area being treated, gender, etc. Treatments are often 3-8 weeks apart from each other. Hair strands should fall off naturally after the procedure. People who have undergone such also note that re-growths are lighter in color and finer in texture. After multiple sessions, re-growths may permanently cease.

It’s important that you spend time looking for a laser hair removal clinic that’s reliable. Likewise, you should see to it that the technician is a skilled one. Use your favorite search engine in doing some background researches. The best way to find a clinic is by asking someone you know who had undergone the procedure where he or she got it.

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