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10 February, 2013

Keep Weight off Forever with Laser Liposuction in Arlington

In often cases, diet and exercise are only going to take someone trying to lose weight so far. Older forms of liposuction involve an invasive procedure where incisions are made and fat is literally sucked out of the body. However, this procedure had adverse effects on the body, like bruising and swelling. Laser liposuction which can be found in Arlington, is a new and exciting procedure that reduces all side effects the former procedure procured.

This new type of liposuction is performed with a small and highly powered laser. This laser penetrates through the skin to the fat cells found in the part of the body being targeted. The laser then burns the cells until they rupture and the fat cells literally drain away. This procedure works to also repair blemished skin as it tightens the epidermis simultaneously while burning fat.

People who have struggled with weight loss but have never wanted to get regular liposuction should really consider these options. This new practice has passed all the clinical trials and other FDA tests with flying colors. FDA approval helps put all patients’ worries to bed as the U.S. has some of the strictest guidelines to approve medical practices in the world.

One of the best aspects to this procedure is the fact that, unlike previous liposuction procedures, it is an outpatient procedure. People are released from the liposuction center the same day as the procedure only takes about 45 minutes. The side effects are also scaled down because without incisions and prodding inside the body, there is less swelling, less blood loss, and virtually no bruising.

Finally, the last thing that makes this new style of weight loss so attractive is that fat cells in treated areas rarely grow back. Fat cells are much more likely to grow back in untreated areas because fat cells are completely removed from the region where the laser is applied. Any area that has been treated with the laser will lose its ability to generate fat cells because they have been completely destroyed in that specific spot.

Laser liposuction is the very in weight loss medicine and should be considered by anyone who is trying to lose weight fast. Centers are located all across the United States so that anyone can find them easily. Using this kind of treatment will ensure the maximum results with minimal effort from the patient. Keep weight off for good by using this revolutionary new practice.

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