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31 March, 2011

Less Risk And Reduced Invasions With Laser Lipo Chandler

Laser lipo Chandler procedures are like those in other cities in that a high-powered laser is used to remove fat from the body. This was the first laser lipolysis system to receive FDA approval and aside from being revolutionary, it is minimally invasive. Results include a sculpted body with fewer side effects and less downtime than result from traditional liposuction. Individuals who are interested in melting away fat from their bodies should learn more about this procedure.

The process involves inserting a small tube called a cannula through the skin into a layer of fat. A laser fiber is located in the cannula and when the cannula is moved back and forth, the energy from the laser is delivered to the fat cells. When they are hit with this energy, fat cells rupture and then easily drain away. Skin also comes in contact with the laser energy, resulting in shrinkage of collagen. Less fat and tight skin are the results, lending the body a more toned appearance.

By using the cannula and laser in this method, the area of insertion only requires local anesthetic rather than a general one, leaving the patient feeling much better once the procedure has been completed. The bruising and swelling is greatly reduced after the procedure due to the small size of the actual incision to insert the laser. With no need for a general anesthetic, the procedure becomes an outpatient one rather than an inpatient one that would require an extended stay for observation.

There are many areas of the body that this procedure may be used on such as the abdomen, arms and those stubborn love handles no one really cares to carry around. Many people have struggled with diets and exercise in order to reduce fat in these areas and occasionally they simply do not work. These people are perfect candidates for this type of procedure and each treated area should only take about one hour or so to have the problem corrected.

After having the procedure, patients should rest and may gradually resume activity, restraining from strenuous exercise for at least two weeks. Results will be noticed within as early as one week and improvements will continue over several months. Body sculpting is the intended result but patients may also notice improvement regarding cellulite.

When diet and exercise simply are not doing the trick, Laser Lipo Chandler may be the most viable option for many people. The less invasive the procedure, the less recovery time and the quicker the results are achieved for the patient. This allows the patient to get on with their life much quicker than the older methods that are currently in use in other areas.

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