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9 April, 2012

The Cost and Effects of Laser Liposuction in Memphis

People are looking for the best and fastest ways of losing weight and keeping it off. One of the newest and best methods of achieving a goal weight is by choosing laser liposuction surgery. While this cosmetic surgery can be a little costly, it is less expensive than other traditional liposuction surgeries and healing time is much faster. New clinics can be found in Memphis as well as all around the country.

For most people, the abdominal region is the major focus of concern to where this laser procedure is applied. Costs are varied for this part of the body and are broken down into either upper abdominal or lower abdominal suction. Upper abdominal work usually costs around $4,500, while the lower part of the stomach costs about $3,500. Combining the surgeries usually makes the most sense because prices are reduced.

After an abdominal region is seen to, the next area that gives most people the unsightly look they are trying to lose is in the flanks. The flanks on the body are located on the sides of the body and are more commonly referred to by the name, “love handles.” Laser love handle liposuction will incur the cost of $2500 or lower. This surgery can even be done as a package deal with removing abdominal fat.

The next region of the body that people look to reduce the amount of fat is in the arms and legs. This is because these parts of the body are usually exposed to the outside world. Getting these areas under control should be a high priority because jelly arm or thunder thighs are extremely unsightly. Getting fat reduced in the arms and thighs will be priced out around $2,500 or less.

Finally, the last place that women are especially excited to lose excess amounts of fat cells is in the hips and buttocks region. While it is fashionable these days to carry a little extra weight in the buttocks, excess weight in this area can still be unsightly. Getting fat removed through this method of surgery can incur the cost of $2500 or more depending on how much fat is taken away.

Getting laser liposuction is one of the best ways to cut the excess fat cells out of the body in an effective and safe manner. This method removes fat permanently, which means people only have to pay for this practice one time and one time only. Each region of the body accrues its own costs but getting more than one procedure done at a time can reduce the overall cost of the venture.

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