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7 April, 2011

Laser Liposuction and Traditional Liposuction Compared in New York

Characterized by the quantity of fluid injected, and the apparatus where the cannula is positioned, is how liposuction techniques are differentiated today. Fat is generally removed through a hollowed out tube called a cannula, and a suction device called an aspirator. In New York, there exist many successful practices that offer these procedures on a wide and varied scale.

The traditional method is a procedure for a cosmetic purposes that removes fat from many places on the body. Thighs, neck, stomach, arms and chin are all popular spots to have liposuction performed. The suction-assisted method is most traditional, with the insertion of a miniature cannula through the incision area. The device is comparable to a straw, and connected to a vacuum, and then pushed back and forth, and up and down, to aid in the breaking up of fat cells. Carefully doing this through the fat layer, and drawing the cells out of the body at the same time, will equal the best results.

Small incisions are common with the traditional method. Some doctors may even leave the incision open for a better clearing of excess fluid from the body, due to the large amount of fluids that are usually drained. Studies have proven that the free exit of fluids from the body, allows for quicker healing, though dressings must be changed daily during the initial recovery stage.

Contrary to traditional methods of lipo, a new laser method has been introduced that uses both thermal and photomechanical energy. These methods equal a greater skin tightening by maximizing tissue coagulation. Permanently eliminating fat cells with a less invasive and traumatic experience is the goal of an laser liposuction procedure. The patient is always conscious and fully aware of what is going on with this method, resulting in less than 3 days of recovery time.

Laser liposuction’s main advantage is the way it interacts with the bottom layers of skin, resulting in an increase in collagen. This eliminates the drooping look associated with the traditional method over areas that have had fat removed. Costing approximately half of the traditional method, while treating all areas of the body, laser liposuction is becoming more popular today than ever before.

If a patient does not continue their regular diet and exercise routine, neither method of liposuction will be effective, as remaining fat cells could result in irregularities. With perfected methods and techniques, liposuction procedures have become a great option for someone wanting to enhance their appearance. This latest method offers better results at a cheaper price.

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