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29 September, 2011

Positive Aspects of Using Laser Liposuction in Fort Worth

Finding the best ways to lose weight and more importantly, keeping it off, should be at the top of most overweight Americans list. However, who really has the time and discipline to diet and exercise properly. For this reason, medical science has adapted a new procedure called laser liposuction. This procedure can be found in Fort Worth and has a wide range of benefits over the traditional liposuction style.

Traditionally, liposuction was a surgical procedure that involved a plastic surgeon making incisions in the body. They would then insert a suction hose that would go under the skin and remove fat cells that have built up in target areas. This procedure was extremely painful and caused a wide variety of adverse effects that included a long recovery period.

To combat unsightly scarring and the negative effects the traditional method has on the human body, the new laser method has been developed. Weight loss is an issue at the forefront of medical issues facing the United States because so many people are overweight. The laser used actually destroys fat cells by causing them to rupture. Once destroyed, fat cells do not regenerate allowing the patient to look and feel healthier.

Another added incentive to choosing the new laser lipo method over the older cut and suck procedure is that people save an immense amount of time and money. Hospital trips can literally drain a bank account, especially because cosmetic surgeries are not included in health benefits. The laser procedure method is a simple outpatient practice that gets people up and moving in the same day the operation takes place.

One of the last positives that the new technology has over the traditional methods of liposuction is the side effects are reduced drastically. The old method of lipo would cause a person to bruise, bleed, and swell due to the hose prodding around under the skin. The laser method actually helps the topical structure of skin in target area and there are much less adverse side effects.

Picking laser liposuction as the primary method of weight loss can help someone lose weight in targeted areas once and for all. This procedure is less costly on the whole, includes far less side effects, and can be completed in a day. This procedure is FDA approved and the very latest and greatest method of getting rid of weight which is why these types of clinics are being opened all over the country. Embrace technology and get the body that you have always wanted.

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