Latest Pics of Titanic Star Kate Winslet Confirm That Shes Still Got it Dianes

26 May, 2011

We are all familiar with the famous performer Kate Winslet. She is admired by the audience not only for her beauty but also for her acting skills. Her parents were both fond of acting and was working in theatre at the time she was born. Kate passed the majority of her childhood in the theatre as such she was fond of acting from her childhood. Now, she is world famous and has won the academy award and received nomination for that several times. Titanic Star Kate Winslet firstly arrived to the limelight through the well-known movie Titanic. She is still remembered for her role in that film.

In the age of 12, she started acting in a TV serial named ‘Dark Season’ and soon got popularity for her acting in that serial. She got her opportunity in the movies in 1992, when she was chosen through an audition; the name of the film was ‘Heavenly Creatures’. Then her second film ‘Sense and Sensibility’ was released in 1995 and from there she was noticed by the director James Cameron and Cameron offered her the role of Rose in the film Titanic.

She was really great in the film Titanic; people throughout the world became fan of her after the release of the film. After that she became a mega star in Hollywood and many offers were coming to her, but she refused mostly to act simply in the high-quality and classic movies.

Kate Winslet has now been nominated 5 times in favor of academy awards; this accurately speaks her abilities in acting. In each movie she showed her versatile talents in performing arts and it is sure that we’ll see lots of that in her future movies.

May 26 2010

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May 22 2010

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