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1 February, 2012

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Can’t Get a Credit Card?
There are many consumers that can’t or don’t want to get a credit card. For some it may be because of their credit history and some may be due to their belief that using credit is evil which if abused, it could be. But no matter which category you fall under, there is an easy solution that will protect you and still allow you the freedom to use plastic when traveling, shopping, or dining out. It’s called a Pre-Paid credit card. Many people will let their bad credit stop them from doing the activities they want to do or need to do all because they do not have a credit card. Using a Pre-Paid credit can help in situations like these. Pre-Paid credit cards allow the ease of using “plastic” when cash is not immediately available. Most times things like rental cars or hotel rooms will require a credit card so having a Pre-Paid credit card will help in these cases. You can also buy merchandise online that you just can’t pay by check or cash.
Here is an explanation on how Pre-Paid credit cards work:
First you pay a fee to open up the account somewhere between $3 and $7. Then you deposit the amount of money you want to put into the account. Then for the next thirty days you will have a card that you can use to make purchases but only up to the amount that you have deposited into the account. After 30 days, the company that you got the card from may charge you a monthly fee which decreases the funds you have deposited in that card. This fee varies depending on the company you may even wonder if it’s worth keeping the card because of these fees, but if you want to have a card for certain things monthly, then it might be worth a small monthly fee.
Many Americans have found this to be a great idea for their children too. They just deposit their child’s allowance on the card and the child has the freedom to buy the items they want or need. These cards can also be used as a gift card so keep that in mind when you’re trying to decide what to get someone for Christmas or their birthday.
Another benefit in having a Pre-Paid card is it’s a safe way carry “money” with you while you’re traveling. Because you can set it up with a “Pin” number and use the card at an ATM you find in that city. You can access your money when as needed and you will still have the ability to manage just how much money you use. You can also pay the hotel bill, your meals, and any other expenses that come up while you’re traveling. Another benefit is you won’t have to worry about going over your credit limit or having a balance on that card which could lower your credit score. It’s also a great way to protect yourself should you lose your purse or have your wallet stolen. You won’t have to worry about being stranded without any money because you’ll be able to get a replacement.
So if you’re in need of a credit card, then using a Pre-Paid Card may be just right for you. This may help you increase credit scores.

May 22 2010

O mundo atual, pode ser contado atraves de fotografias. Existem dezenas de agencias de noticias espalhadas cobrindo os principais acontecimentos no globo como AP, Reuters, AFP, Rex Features, AF, De Agostini entre outras.

Pesquisando na Internet, encontrei um excelente banco de imagem aqui no Brasil que praticamente representa muitas destas agencias de noticias. Se tiverem interesse vale a pena visitar o Imageplus banco imagens pois dizem ter mais de 4 milhoes de imagens editoriais em seu acervo.

Com certeza hoje em dia, ficou muito mais facil obter acesso ao que esta acontecendo no mundo pois correspondentes destas agencias captam estes acontecimentos em tempo real e em segundos depois, estas imagens ja estao disponiveis nos sites para download.

May 21 2010

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