Learn How to Invest in Gold the Simple Way Without the Middleman

5 December, 2016

Have you ever wondered why SO many people on TV, or online or even when you’re walking down the road in your home town have ads that state they will pay you cash for your gold or silver?

It wasn’t something I had thought too much about until I stumbled upon an article online that talked about how this “Cash for Gold” system worked. These companies actually buy your silver and gold from you and then pay you 10%-20% of what it’s worth. Then sell it to a refinery for 95% of its worth.

Does that seem fair to you? It didn’t to me either, until one day I met a 24 year old kid who made $1.4 MILLION dollars doing that out of his home. He ran similar ads online, but instead of paying his customers only 10%-20%, he actually gave shared the profits 50/50 (and his customers LOVED him).

After he told me this, I got REALLY excited for two reasons. First, I have a LOT of friends who have silver and gold that I could help. Second, I had some extra gold sitting around too and I wanted to start a little side business.

None of this was possible until I watched this short video from my friend (the guy making the $1.4 MILLION dollars a year doing this. He showed me the right refiners to use (ones that won’t try to screw you over) and a ton of other great stuff.

Let me lay this all out for you as simply as I know how… 25% of American’s are out of work right now, and this will double very soon. They are desperate for cash. They aren’t aware that their gold nameplate from high school will pay their mortgage this month. Refiners will pay almost $1,650 an ounce for this gold. There is currently a little-known opportunity for YOU to step in the middle of this and make a ton of cash (and gold). This is the real estate of the next century, it’s time to jump on it NOW.

Learn how a twenty four year old wiz kid made $1.4 MILLION dollars flipping gold by watching the gold video, or visit Russell Brownson’s website http://www.GoldSilverSecrets.com. This article, Learn how to invest in gold the simple way without the middleman is available for free reprint.

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