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20 November, 2014



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One of the primary ingredients to developing a firm economic foundation in life is by the use of a money management plan and the ability required in carrying it out. Wise money management calls for excellent organisational skills, discilpline, preparation and a good way of record keeping.

Like most things in life to really carry something out you need to be devoted and disciplined in everything which you do. If you want to possess a good money management plan but have a fondness of throwing caution to the wind and going off on a spending binge then you won’t be capable of following your plan through. You need to be disciplined about all you do and spend.

Next you need to utilise a reliable process of record keeping. To begin with carry a note pad and keep track of what you’re spending. At the end of the week you’ll be capable of seeing where your money has gone and identify any needless spending patterns. By addressing these spending patterns and then placing that cash to one side you’ll have the ability to use your money more effectively.

When you have discovered where you’re spending money unnecessarily you can begin to draw up a budget plan. You might want to consider dividing your weekly allowance into different envelopes and then allocating it based on separate needs like groceries, bills, mortgage, unpaid debts etc. If you should overspend in one area then your money for others will be available. The rule to remember is that in the event you don’t have the money you don’t spend it. You will simply have to wait until the following week or month until you’re next paid. That’s where the discipline comes in.

If you already got one, simply open a savings account, preferably one that doesn’t offer a Cash Card. This will eliminate the temptation to make withdrawals with the card or make any unsolicited visits to the cash machine. Think about searching for high interest accounts or types which allow incentives for not making any withdrawals during the course of the year.

Whilst you’re shopping look out for special offers or deals. Should you shop on line take advantage of voucher codes that happen to be readily available and can help minimise the final cost of your shopping basket.

Consult a Money Management Specialist
Depending on your circumstances it’s possible you’ll want to seek the services of an expert money management specialist who’d be able to offer you some advice on your available choices and help put a plan together to begin repaying any debts you might have. If your situation is business related it’s possible you’ll wish to consider searching for some business recovery services.

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