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23 February, 2010

Lexmark Cartridges

Lexmark offer a bewildering variety of replacement ink cartridges for their inkjet printer range.

They have both standard ink cartridges and “return program” ink cartridges. These types of program cartridges provde the customer a rebate for the buying price of a cartridge on the presumption the customer will the the expired cartridge after they are done with it to Lexmark. There isn’t any legal responsibility for you to do that but to attain inexpensive printing charges you should always buy these ink cartridges for your printer.

Like several manufacturers they also provide far more than a single volume of the very same cartridge, to ensure the printing costs as little as possible at all times purchase the XL version of every ink cartridge wherever this kind of choice is offered.

Before 2009 all of Lexmark ink jet printers utilized 2 cartridges inside a printer, one black the other colour along with an extra photography cartridge which was installed in the printer for producing photographs. They were all a single piece ink cartridges and included the print head.

The most recent printers introduced make use of four unique color cartridges so you only have to replace the color that has run out; in this respect they are following the rest of the major printer manufacturers.

Because the print head was an integral part of the ink cartridge until recently, all compatible Lexmark ink cartridges are in fact remanufactured Lexmark original ink cartridges. With the advent of the latest unique ink cartridges you will probably discover real compatible ink cartridges for these types of printers in the near future and these should decrease printer costs significantly.

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