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16 August, 2016

You certainly don’t want a life insurance agent come to your door or talk to you over the phone that is simply way too aggressive in their sales pitch. You certainly also don’t want to deal with a life insurance agent who does not appreciate and have empathy for your situation. Some life insurance companies simply don’t either understand or are too rigid and show a lack of compassion by not offering a life insurance policy to a disabled person. If the life insurance agent works on a commission where they make money off the number of policies that they sell on a daily basis instead of trying to play hardball with a parent who is trying to have enough money to bury their child in case something catastrophic were to happen then they should be willing to do business with the customer.

On the other hand if the life insurance agent is instructed by their supervisor not to sell policies to the parents of a disabled child because the disabled child may be considered to be too high of a risk for the life insurance company to take on, that kind of struggle for a family can be heart wrenching. Sometimes the family may not know where to turn and the life insurance agent can offer the family a little help in their time of need.

Any life insurance agent worth their salt will also note that a life insurance policy can help pay off a small business loan or help send the kids or grandchildren to college. The life insurance agent will be sure to highlight these wonderful benefits that can be a part of a life insurance policy if they want to increase their chances of making the sale. Simply talking about the death benefits of a life insurance policy may turn a few potential customers away may even come across as a little morbid. Being able to pay off those outstanding loans or any other troublesome debts certainly will make it easier to sleep at night. That is what buying a life insurance policy all is about.

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