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28 May, 2011

Link Dozer is a somewhat recently released service made accessible to Internet Marketers.

It is an an SEO tool that makes use of special linkbuilding methods to drive more traffic to your websites. A Link Dozer system has been allegedly developed by LinkDozer creator Kristina Saric essentially on a whim in an effort to help her father increase website traffic to his blogs and to demonstrate to him how to make a a little money

On Kristina’s Linkdozer site, you will find more information regarding the use of this service and the way it helped her father and other people who used this tool grow their Internet businesses and websites. The crucial aim fora new computer software is to make money.

It is a good thing Link Dozer does not claim to make you rich overnightIt is not expected to be a get-rich-quick scheme..

It is fully a self promoting system that provides almost all of the same informational content commonly seen from a small Online Business promoting their productor services. Although it doesn’t appear that the site is claiming itself as an online marketing business, it does use similar verbiage and offers similar research and data that is self conducted and supportive.

Because this service is new to the marketplace, it is not easy to locate any genuine commentaries that are not simply repeating information from the sales page. Or self promoting. Yet, it seems although this software is somewhat time consuming as one begins to create their accounts, there are several tools availablewithinthe system. These internal tools have sufficient value that they appear to have a majority opinion that the time is definitely worth it to use the rest of the system.

Aninner system thesaurus, a small community and enthusiastic users of Link Dozer seem to indicate success,. Although in fact there is little evidence to be found beyond those who have initially begun to use the system and are happy with the way it works. There is very little indication that significant amounts of money have been earned so far. However, if you are familiar with IM and the employment of new systems for achieving your goals, then this is not an uncommon result.

Let’s review:
The Good:

Internal thesaurus
Artificial Intelligence
Auto Growth system
Small community
Multiple account capability

The Bad:

Time Consuming
Very few actual user reviews
Not very user friendly for newer users

Overall, this innovative system appears to have some great .potential. Just like all things new you can expect development issues as well asenhancements. There will always be proponents and supporters. The only way to actually assess success of anything is to be proactiverather than an observer Considering the research mentioned aboveLink Dozer is worth a try.

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