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11 November, 2012

What Is Search Engine Optimization And Why Is It So Important

Search engine optimization is a term that is usually called SEO in the Internet marketing world. This term is one of the most important aspects of any website and if this is not done properly, the site will not be successful. It may seem like a hard concept to understand at first, but it actually quite easy. The challenge is in following through over time to improve the ranking of the site.

All search engines like Google use “spiders” to scan the web and find new material that has to be indexed. At the same time, it is looking for more links to sites that it has already indexed. Because websites are built around certain phrases or words, the more links that are contained leading back to the site, the better the sites ranking will be.

The process of building up these links is called backlinking. When Google spots a link within an article and it leads back to a site, it is a backlink. Now these links cannot be words that are randomly placed in content. They must be in an article or source box that has pertinent content. If not, that link could be just as harmful, or even more so, than not having any links out there at all.

So why is SEO so important? Without a properly optimized site and no SEO backlinks, the site will never get noticed. Do a search for any phrase these days and you are more than likely to get millions of hits for that specific phrase. A site that is properly optimized and that has an effective campaign will lead the rankings. Whereas a site that does nothing will be featured on the back pages that nobody ever visits.

The fact is that most people using the Internet will click on one of the first few links they come across. If a site is not linked to the first page, there is a strong possibility that it will never be seen and visited by targeted visitors. Search engine optimization is a concept that anyone with a website or thinking of building a website must know about in order to have a successful business.

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