Litigation Support Chicago Attorneys Can Trust

15 July, 2017

Litigation Support Chicago attorneys rely on ensures that attorneys have crucial resources for the management of complicated legal cases. These consultants may work individually, as part of law firms or in the legal departments of large corporations. The services provided by consultants may include database management and forensic investigations depending on attorney needs and on the scope of the case.

Major court cases require lawyers to accumulate and mine a large amount of data. Litigation support consultants assemble solutions for the management and analysis of data. In the courtroom, consultants may help to manage technology and presentations. As needed, consultants will train the attorney’s staff to utilize necessary software and hardware.

Some consultants also do paralegal work. These consultants become more familiar with all aspects of an attorney’s case. Consultants will review the precedents and laws that may influence a case and then will provide that information to their attorneys. Attorneys may then incorporate the findings of consultants into the presentation of their cases.

Most consultants have a college degree and a strong IT background. Consultants have experience with document management software and graphics applications. Also, consultants know how to utilize trial presentation software and hardware to provide assistance in the courtroom and behind the scenes.

A consultant may provide discreet services or may work on large-scale, high-profile cases. Consultants service small firms, mid-tier firms and large firms, speeding up document review, handling trial presentations or working with electronic discovery. Additionally, services may continue through the appeals process or through the damage calculations process.

Many attorneys now have to store a large volume of information in an electronic format because of changes in law at the federal level. Consultants who have industry and technology expertise assist attorneys as they deal with the growing complexity of cases and technology. Litigation support Chicago attorneys can trust will give attorneys the tools the need to manage complex information requirements.

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