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18 August, 2015

If you purchase before
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Note: We reserve the
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# 1

The “Ultimate
Guide to Government Grants” eBook

600 page guide is jam
packed with information on many special
grants programs such as…

      • Up
        to $500,000 from venture
        capital companies for your
        new business.

      • Up
        to $400,000 to improve Energy

      • Up
        to $700,000 if your job
        has been impacted by Imports.

      • Up
        to $200,000 to “move”
        your existing business.

      • Up
        to $50,000 for your new

      • Up
        to $25,000 to upgrade your
        skills as an Employee.

      • Up
        to $20,000 to Learn New

      • Up
        to $10,000 for each new
        Job created.

      • Up
        to $10,000 for drug and
        alcohol rehabilitation.

      • Up
        to $5,000 to go Overseas.

      • Up
        to $5,000 to convert your
        vehicle from gas to an alternate
        …..and much, much more!

This guide will show you how to develop
and prepare your grant proposal and the
dynamic links in the eBook will allow
you to connect to all funding sources
as long as you have an internet connection.

# 2

Successful Grant Seeker Strategies eBook

The authors of this eBook have secured over $800,000 in FREE grants for individuals and businesses and have put their most successful grant seeker strategies in this guide.

Learn how to properly format your application with eye-catching text, file your applications directly with the decision makers, know what content to provide to provide to dramatically increase your chances of obtaining a grant and much, much more. If you are serious about obtaining grant money for personal or business need, you must have this guide.

This guide is exclusive to UncleSamsMoney.com and will not be found on any other website!

# 3

A Fully
Featured Grants Writing Tutorial Software

grant writing process is extremely important
to your success in securing a grant. Many
people fail because they don’t invest
the time to acquire the knowledge to write
a successful grant proposal.

This interactive software tool is by far
the best available today and will take
you through every step of the grant writing

Some of the information include in this
software package include….

      • Details
        on the most successful grant
        writing strategies

      • How
        to complete a grant application

      • Winning
        Grant Proposal Examples

      • Grant
        Term Glossary

      • Grant
        resources and contacts

      • Grant
        Proposal Training Activities
        …and much, much more!

If you are serious about securing a grant,
you must have this software!

# 4

Don Lapre Info Reports

      • This
        amazing ebook will show you……….

      • 30
        Ways to Make Money on the Weekends

      • How
        to make Money Giving Away FREE Internet

      • How
        to Find Anyone in the United States

      • How
        to Buy Things for Pennies at Auctions

      • How
        to Get Rich on Other Peoples Pocket

      • How
        to Buy Computers Dirt Cheap &
        Sell for Incredible Profits

      • How
        to Turn Your Fax Machine into a Money

      • How
        to Buy a House Without Qualifying

      • How
        to Save up to $100,000 on Your Mortgage

      • How
        to Make Money on the Internet

      • How
        to Buy Incredible Products at Wholesale

Click Here
for more Information.

# 5

The “Make
Money with Government Auctions” Software

how to but merchandise for pennies on the
dollar and resell for huge profits. Our
software package will allow you to interface
directly with all Government Auctions, Liquidations,
Foreclosures, Lien sales, Estate sales,
Bulk lot sales, and more. What kind of property
will you find at these auctions?…..

    • Real Estate
    • Vehicles
    • Electronics
    • Art
    • Boats
    • Equipment
    • Wearing Apparel
    • Jewelry
    • Antiques
    • Aircraft
    • Collectibles
    • Commercial Property
    • Supplies
    • and much, much more!

…all for pennies on the
dollar. This Program gives you point-and-click
access to over 40 Federal Government
auction sites
plus over 75
additional sites
at the State and
Local levels that include surplus and unclaimed
property. This package is normally valued
at $35
. But if you order “The
Ultimate Guide to Government Grants”
today it will be included FREE
with your purchase.

# 6

The “Cashflow
Reporter” Software Package

This Great Software Package
contains hundreds of reports that show you
how to make and save significant amounts
of money. Here are a few report titles…

The “Cashflow Reporter”
Software Package is jam packed with reports
that will show you how to save and make

# 7

The Wholesale
Sources eBook

This is the most useful
Wholesale Source Guide ever put together…
Save up to 90% on over 1,000,000
top quality brand-name
products. You will have access to thousands
of wholesale sources internationally where
you can find Computers, Jewelry, Electronics,
Household Goods, Sporting Goods, Clothing,

Get low wholesale prices directly from Wholesalers,
Distributors, Vendors, and Liquidators.
Eliminate the middleman!

This guide is perfect for
New Homeowners who want to purchase furniture,
home furnishings, etc. for themselves at
wholesale prices.

# 8

Assets” Directory and Search Engine

Do you know Albert Bolin
of Chicago Illinois? Formerly lived on North
Cicero Avenue? Mr. Bolin is due $192,159.72
from an unclaimed bank account. Do you know
Rafael Antonio Vilarri of Florida? Mr. Vilarri
is due $180,703.66. State Governments are
holding $300 Billion in unclaimed funds
– some may belong to you! States may hold
money from Pre Escheat accounts, Deposit
boxes, Insurance benefits, Lost Inheritances,
HUD Refunds , Death benefits, Inheritances,
Utility deposits, Tax returns, Stocks &
Bonds, Personal Items, Paychecks, Uncashed
checks, Gift certificates, Money orders,
Bank accounts. Our search engine and directory
will tell you if any state owes you money.
Who knows – you may have a small fortune
waiting for you.

we haven’t finished yet! We will also give
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The value of these ebooks/software can range
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always, these items (and
any new items posted as long as we remain
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are yours FREE
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Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

are so confident that our guides
and resources will help you locate
all eligible grants that we are
offering a 8 Week, 100% Guarantee.
If you don’t locate any eligible grants, simply email us
we will expeditiously refund your
Its that simple! You have
nothing to lose!

to the UncleSamsMoney grant directory usually
costs $79.95. But if you order before midnight you will get
unlimited access to all the UncleSamsMoney
services, databases, downloads, ebooks and
more all for only $39.95

is a one-time charge!

accept Credit Cards, eChecks and Paypal

You will receive instant
access to our online Government Grants databases
and directory.

For a very limited
time, you will also get the downloadable,
600 page “Ultimate Guide to Government
grants” FREE of charge.

wait 3 – 4 Weeks for a high priced grant
book with half the resources.
Access our Grant resources online, NOW!

By purchasing access to our UncleSamsMoney
grant directory, you agree to our terms
and conditions. Please click HERE
to view terms and conditions.

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