Love and Money Tips to Be Succesful in Life

21 September, 2014

Family is the foundation of Society and, generally, all families are formed by the same process that begins with the stage of courtship and engagement. Whether at this stage, as in the rest of our life, Love and Money are always intimately related

Engagement and Knowledge

The courtship prior to marriage stage, is a period in which both members of the couple learn to know each other, to measure how compatible they are, to discover the differences or similarities that unite them, among other things. Even at this stage the compatibility between both families is measured too.

Love and Knowledge

It is at this stage of engagement in which the couple find common interests and share their expectations for the future. Although not established what is the right time to keep an engagement has been observed that couples whose marriages had a long engagement time, hardly fail because the couple had more time to know each other at the stage of courtship.

Love and Communication

However, the important thing at this stage is not only to love the person, but also maintain a high level of communication that allow us know who he / she is and if that beloved person meets our expectations and needs as a couple, to join us in the arduous challenge of consolidate a family.

Love and Finance

It is important to know exactly if our future mate is not a danger to our personal finances and it is therefore important, for a moment, leave aside passion, and listen to the comments and opinions of those who love us (parents, grandparents, friends) to avoid making mistakes that we could later regret. Definitely yes: Love and Money are closely related.

A Healthy Balance Between Love and Money Requires Communication

Good communication on topics concerning both is vital in courtship and especially on money matters. Engaged couples almost never talk about money, because they think, wrongly, that it could damage the relationship at this stage. But not talking about money may damage a lot the relationship.

Know Your Partner and Take Care of Your Money

Watch how your beloved mate handles money, if he / she is ‘throwaway’ or too ‘thrifty’; If he / she have many debts, if bought something and then had to go running to mom or dad to ask to bring out of the financial mess. See if he / she is a compulsive buyer or spender. If you arrive at your boyfriend or girlfriend’s house and find unopened mail with credit cards bills, loans or other bills, be careful because you might have on your side to a very messy person with money and maybe even with a bad credit.

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