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27 August, 2017

Have a website that you maintain? What exactly is it about? Well what ever you just said, you can bet that money can be made! That’s right, whether you’re blogging your own life, reviewing a product, or perhaps just about anything, you can start earning some cash because of that! The best part is if you were like me, you don’t want to spend anything to get started. I’ll be glad to tell you that is also possible- just read this guide I wrote here. For those that already have one, I’ll tell you what you can do to start earning cash right away!

The first basic is, why do websites exist? For one thing, the general purpose of a website is to get the words out there, no matter what the topic is about. If it’s a blogging website, the blogger is trying to interest anyone out there that may want to follow his/her life. How about  this website you’re reading for instance? Our goal is to show you how you can make or save money- that is our ambition and at the same time, we’re delivering the words out to you. At the same time, advertisers are also doing the same- trying to get their words out. The major part of this is, they’re willing to pay money to do so, and your website can definitely aid in this.

There are many advertisements for all type of websites- which is why I mentioned earlier that you can make money on just about any type of topic. One of the most popular advertisement is Google Adwords. They will pay you whenever your visitors click on your placed ads pertaining to your topic. There are many other ways to advertise, such as offering a portion of your web space for certain amount of money just so visitors can see it.  This works because advertisers know your visitors come to your website for information or entertainment. If you have an interesting website that your visitors come often to, advertisers want some of your visitors to be redirected to their desire, whether it’s their website, product, service, etc. Essentially, advertisers are using you to have their words  be put out there, but they are paying you to do so too.

Don’t like your website filled with advertisements? Maybe you can ask for donation. Speaking of donation, anyone kind enough to donate some for this website? Just playing, I don’t take advantage of it like that! However, if you truly do need it for a good reason, there are many kind people out there willing to spare some. In fact, I was reading about a life-threatening situation where this blogger mentioned that his daughter is going through Rett Syndrome and asked for donation charity. With the kindness in my heart, I donated some in hope that it will go towards a good cause.

Maybe you don’t want donations for sympathy purposes, but people donate for many other reasons as well. One popular method is just plain asking because you either provide good service or information. When was the last time you used a software for free, and liked it so much that you couldn’t believe the person didn’t charge anything? Some people provide free things because they like helping others without a charge, and those that are able to see that, they will usually donate to thank them in a way. If you have a very good reason and it doesn’t seem like you’re begging for money, people are very kind and will offer to help.

One of the most common things these days are business making websites. That is, they offer visitors what they specialize in (whether it’s a service or products). You can also think of it as having an electronic store- by a website! Why shouldn’t it be? You go into a store to look for something you need, and websites can also do the same! Just look at Amazon.com or Buy.com, they offer things people usually go to Wal-Mart for. The only difference is that it is more convenient and hassle free! (no waiting in line, searching isle by isle for something you need) Actually, most Brick and Mortar stores will even have their own websites so that their customers can buy things online- if they prefer to stay home instead of driving all the way across town  just so they can get one or two things.

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