Make Money When Someone Downloads Your File

25 February, 2016

How nice would it be to share some of the files you own to others—and get paid for them? We’re talking about documents that you probably wrote yourself, or documents that you find useless now. More than likely, there is someone out there that is always in need of all kinds of documents; whether you think so or not. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be documents, it can be a patch for a video game, your custom graphic designs, or even your own tutorial that you wrote for a video game in Wordpad! The main thing here is to get people to download these files using the link you receive when you upload these things.

Many people share files through forums, e-mails and instant messaging. However, when you upload those files through certain file sharing websites to promote their service, they pay you on the amount that the link gets click to be downloaded. There are a few out there that you should look into such as:

FileFactory.com. For any people that you refer that happens to upload their files and get it downloaded, you earn a 20% commission, and that’s not it. They also pay you from $7 to $25 per 1000 downloads that your own link gets (depending on your membership and file size that gets uploaded. For more information, go here.

Another great service is Uploading.com. Their rates starts from $1 to $40. Again, depending on your membership status and the size of file, it will vary. You can check more of it out here.

Then there is another one that we felt that should be mentioned and used: easy-share.com. For more information, click here.

You may noticed that we provided you three file sharing services. This is because we recommend that you do upload your files to all three. The reason for this is because if you have users downloading multiple files from you, they’ll have to wait for a certain time to pass by. There is a limit on how much they can download within an hour, so why not make it convenient for them by offering mirrors?

So what are some ways that you can do to promote your link? There are many ways:

  • If you are a photoshop enthusiastic, there are many times where a lot of those desktop background websites will ask users to download through a link that has been provided by the artist if that person want a certain background. Many times, artists will not upload their work through a file sharing website, but somewhere else. This is a great way to take advantage of making money off of file sharing. If you find yourself not exceeding the required file size, simply put it in a .zip folder and add anything else that takes up space (such as duplicating the image or offering  a variety of sizes)
  • If you own a blog and would like to give out a free e-book, have your users sign up on your e-mailing list and then have them download from your designated file sharing link. Of course, you don’t have to make them sign up on your e-mailing list, it’s just a little bonus that we came up with!

Know a file that is popular and something that everybody wants to download? There are many things out there that people are always searching for, and some of the top five items are: Music, movies, e-books, software, and images. It’s up to you to share your link through communities (forums and such) that looks for these specific type of files.

If you also prefer more file sharing network, there is Filesonic.com, HotFile and Turbobit.net. Have some that you know? Comment them below!

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