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2 March, 2017

If you love the idea of becoming an author but can’t seem to be recognized by publishing companies, writing an e-book may just be your best bet. Becoming approved by a company not only takes a while, there’s no guarantee that you will get accepted. Although self-published e-books do not earn the same respect as being published the traditional way, there are some authors who are leaving their publishers to become self-published. If you have always wanted to make money writing your own book but don’t want the fear of getting declined, an e-book may just be right for you, and here’s why.

Digital books sales have now surpassed hardcover book sales. With many e-Readers like the Kindle and PC Tablets, it is much more convenient to read on a gadget that can store up to a thousand books while being easy on the eyes. Instead of carrying 5 to 10 books for traveling, all you need to do is download the e-books you want to your reading device! This alone is a good reason to start writing on those e-books!

Anyone can write an e-book. In fact, an e-book can be written about anything. As long as the story/information is being provided to what readers would want to read, there shouldn’t be any problems. So question is, should you start writing an e-book right away?

That depends as you should keep these things in mind:

1. You have always wanted to become an author but found no luck of being approved by publishing companies

2. You are willing to put in the work that is necessary

3. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. Like any book, it needs to be proofread before being published; it takes work.

Before you tell yourself that you have it all covered, here are some tips before starting:

Social Connections

Often times, e-books are sold by words of mouth. Since e-books are quick and easy to do, anyone can basically write one if they wanted to. When you start out, you are like everyone else that started; everyone thinks that their e-book is worth buying. Because of this, connections with people is what will help your e-book sales. Make sure you have some kind of presence with people and online connections so that words can be spread around about your e-book.

Don’t Squeeze It In!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your e-book be—written that is! It’s best to slowly work on it. That way your mind isn’t overwhelmed, leading you to mistype some sentences or even over thinking some of the simplest grammars. There may be days where you would want to work on it for hours—which is fine, but make sure you don’t work on it just for the heck of completing it as soon as possible. If there are days where you don’t even want to touch your e-book, that’s fine as well. People can’t be motivated to write good stories if they don’t “feel” like doing it. Just make sure it doesn’t become a habit.

Write What Interests You

Anything can be written on an e-book. You can write things like “Making money online” or even made up fantasy stories. The key here is that the content should be worth the money. As long as you’re interested in the topic that you’re writing for in your e-book, chances are that someone out there will be as well.

Let’s fast forward and say that you’ve completed your e-book. Now you may wonder “Where can I start selling it?”

Many people who write e-books will sell it on their website; usually their e-books are related to it. So if there was a website about dogs, then it can be safe to assume that the author can write an e-book on how to groom your dog.

If you prefer not to make your own website, you can always sell your e-books on Amazon.com. Any unknown authors can put his/her e-books up for sale, but there are three basic requirements that everyone needs to fulfill:

1. You own rights to the book, meaning you have not sold it off to another publisher

2. You must supply an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) Go here to purchase one ($125 dollars) using the application provided. If you’re buying 10 or more ISBNs, discount are given at ISBN.org

3. You must have an account with Amazon’s e-Book subsidiary and MobiPocket. These software allows you to convert your file into their required format.

So what makes a good e-book topic? Anything really! As long as you’re showing interest in your book, others will be too. If you have a passion for writing about something that you’d like to share to everyone, now is the time to start on that e-book of yours!

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