Make Your Own Personalised Gift Tags for a Budget and Environmentally Friendly Christmas

5 June, 2013

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I hope you found the Christmas saving tips useful in helping you save on your Christmas packaging this year. It is not only cost friendly but great in helping you have an environmentally friendly Christmas!

Pretty gift tags usually sell for more than RM1.50 in the stores and often, they tend to be thrown away with the packaging. With some creativity and imagination, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost and create a lovely personalised tag for your gift recipient. So if you enjoy craft or would like to save some money this coming Christmas, why not try making your own gift tags for a change with these tips below.

Recycled Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are often bright and cheery with lots of cute Christmas pictures which make fantastic gift tags as they are often made of hard material!

Learn some tips on how to make cheap and personalised Christmas gift tags below.

Simply save your Christmas cards and cut them up the following year, thread a pretty ribbon or some coloured thread through and voila, lovely gift tags at almost no cost to adorn your Christmas gifts!

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Used Tickets

The next time you go for a movie or for a theatre show, don’t throw away your tickets because they make great gift tags, especially if your recipients are movie or theatre buffs! Make them a present of a musical or production you know they would enjoy and stick on this unique gift tag for a wonderful gift idea.

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Alternatively, keep your train tickets as the hard material they come in make great tags. Simply punch a hole and use your creativity to decorate them!

Recycle Reading Material

If you are clearing out your house and are about to get rid of any old reading material, stop for a minute as you can consider using them too to pretty up your Christmas gifts.

A good tip is to use thicker or brightly coloured books such as old children books to add a splash of colours to your gifts!

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Button Up Tags

Buttons are cheap but can jazz up a Christmas gift tag so easily! Simply stick some pretty buttons or sew them onto hard and colourful cardboard cutouts for a lovely personalised Christmas gift tag!

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Your children would love getting their hands dirty in making little gift tags for their presents and it is a great way to bring the family together. So, this Christmas, put on your creativity hats and try your hand at something different towards an environmentally friendly Christmas whilst saving money!

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