Making Money by Affiliate Marketing

12 March, 2015

Have you ever recommend people things that you like online? Chances are, you could of made money just because you were spreading out words! To simply put it, you  just engaged in an act that could earn you commission because of your recommendation to your friends, customers, or even your own family members! Pretty easy if you ask me. Generally speaking however, affiliate marketing has something to do with third party users. For example, if an owner is not able to promote his own product, he would ask another person to do it on his behalf. The person that agrees to do this will have to get the words out but in return, he will earn commission or some sort of percentage pay.

It’s not just recommending something that will get you paid, you can also write articles relating to the service or product that pertains to it. Writing article not only gets the word out, you may also even get paid for writing a review. The more you write, the more known you become and that is when you can start charging a higher price for your service. I’m also in need of a well a good article writer.. Anyone interested?

Some of the biggest affiliates out there is Amazon.com Do you usually write reviews on their site of the things you bought? While I did say you can make money doing that, the reason you’re not getting paid already is because it’s their site; when you’re writing on their property, they have the rights to not pay you. Of course, they actually can pay you and if you’d like to read more about that, read this article right here. (which is in fact, an affiliate of Amazon)

All this talk about recommending and referring to the original creator of a service/product, but what if you’re an owner of that service/product? Good news, you can also become involved in Affiliate Marketing! To make things simple, let’s say you are an owner of a website. Just by directing some of your visitors’ traffic to another website, you are engaged in an Affiliate Market act. How? Think about it, there’s no way that the other website could earn your visitors’ traffic without you recommending your visitors to visit the other website.

In the end, there are countless ways of doing Affiliate Marketing. All you need is to thing outside the box and have some time dedication towards this because it is a lengthy process. The pay in the end is very well worth it, and it becomes a lot easier once you get the hang of it.

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