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2 January, 2016

Making Money Online-
easy opportunity with Google AdSense

Rule # 3: Make sure your
website is well designed
. This does not
mean you need all the latest bells and whistles or a
professional web designer, but your site should be well
organized with working links. Pleasing color
combinations(plain backgrounds please) and a consistent
presentation will suggest that you’ve made some effort
and that’s what counts. You do NOT need, flash, java,
animated icons, blogs or lots of image
 In fact, the simpler the website, with
good old fashioned text links, the better you may fare in
search engines. If you don’t have much experience with
web design, or feel that you site needs an overhaul,
basic web design principles are not difficult and there
are some good books on the subject that are fun to read.
If you do not know anything about website programming or
HTML, there are programs
that can create a website for you
. You’ll still
have to write the content yourself of course, and
remember..content is king.

You may be wondering why
your site needs to be optimized for
search engines. Well, if you want
visitors to come to your site, they will
need to find you. When visitors search
Google on ‘how to fix a leaky roof’, it
won’t matter if you have the best website
on this subject if you do not show up in
the search results and they can’t find
you.There is plenty of information on the
web about optimizing your site for search
engines, and you may wish to spend some
time on this before you design your site.
Some web design programs will also
optimize your site for you automatically.
It is worth pointing out that the better
sites with good quality original content
do get noticed-so the better the quality
of your site, the less you’ll have to
worry about optimization. Here are some
good basic Search Engine

Next: Where
will you host your domain and what name will you

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