Making Money Wth Micro Niche Websites

26 November, 2017

Let’s face it, websites such as CNN, IGN, CNET, etc; these guys dominates anyone else that tries to do a complete coverage on the niche related to their work. Take CNN as an example. There isn’t many website out there that can compete with CNN on its level. What we mean by this is that any website that wants to do what CNN does, it needs to have a 24/7 complete coverage of news, celebrities, entertainment, and lots more; it needs to inform people about the things that goes on around the world, and CNN does the best job at that. Take IGN as another example. To become the next IGN, you need to have the best game coverage possible. Or even CNET; they do some of the best work on reviewing technologies. However, what these big name fellas fail to do is that they don’t go too much in-depth on the small things. And when we say small things, these things aren’t even remotely closed to being ‘small’ at all. This is what you call, micro niche website.

Micro Niche websites are websites that focuses on smaller categories. For instance, CNN may review all type of technologies from cellphones to audios, to computers, but what they don’t review are the in-depth portions of it, such as accessories, what to pick, etc. They may vaguely recommend some things, but they will not completely cover on it. This is where micro niche website come in play. You can think of them as being a fan website, trying to follow the footsteps of CNN, IGN, CNET, or whatever website you plan using based off of, but they only focus on one thing (usually).

Since you’re going in the direction of a micro niche website, you can try to cover everything like what CNN (or IGN, CNET, etc) does, but don’t think that you’ll outrank them, as they have set their name out there for a while. It’s actually more suitable if you only focus on one thing as recommended. For example, CNET covers a category in computers. They do cover it pretty well, but they don’t usually talk about the type of computers you should buy or when is the best time to get them. In theory, you can make a website that covers this and even do reviews like what CNET does, but even just reviewing on computer itself is a big niche itself.

To even break it further down, you can talk about computer brands such as Dell, Gateway, or even ‘how to build your PC’ kind of thing. How you go with it depends on you. There are many ways to go about this, and you can see that these ‘small’ things aren’t even small at all. To get started right away, you can start building your own website and start focusing on your preferred niche.

Note: This may be easier for you if it’s a niche you’re interested in

Once you have your website running, here is one thing that you can do to start making money: Either sell them, buy another domain, or keep them running. There’s no wrong way in picking one or the other, some people like to build up websites, gain visitors, and sell them off for big profit. Others like to keep them for the constant money income. Here are the benefits of all three:

Selling Your Micro Niche Website

To go off in this route, you need to build a decent amount of traffic and visitors. The longer the website exists, and the more visitors you gain, the more value you can sell your website for. There has been a report that people are able to make a website, build up interaction, and sell off just the URL domain for $3,000! It was without giving the buyer the content that was already put into. Of course it can be a lot more or less, depending on the niche and the popularity of the URL name. Once you sell your micro niche website, you can restart with the same niche and content (if you didn’t sell it) and start all over. If you enjoy building a website from scratch, building visitors, and selling it off for big profits, this is right for you. Once you are ready to sell it off, go to Flippa.com to start selling!

Keeping Your Micro Niche Website

This is great to do if you prefer keeping your own website while making constant income from it. While you won’t gain a spike of cash like you would with selling it off, you’ll likely reach to that sum overtime. Depending on how much work and how popular your website becomes, you can even make income to as much as $1,000 per month! That’s almost as much as selling a micro niche website! If you do plan on selling it off later, you can bet that it’ll sell more than $20,000! (based off of the $1,000 income per month).

Buying A Micro Niche Website, Then Selling It Off Or Keeping It

If you don’t prefer starting from scratch, you can always buy on Flippa.com too. You would do the same as if you’re trying to sell of your micro niche, except you’re already paying from the start, and you’ll likely have visitors already from the previous owner. Just keep working on it until you’re satisfied with the profit you’ll make selling it off later.  Of course, you don’t have to sell it off. You can always keep it and build up the constant income. Keep note, if you plan on buying a micro niche website to just leave it there while income, is coming, it won’t last forever. You still need to update it every now and then to keep visitors coming or returning.

To know how to get started with building a website, read here.

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