Maximize Your Profits at the Flea Market Cheaply and Easily

14 October, 2014

A flea market is a great spot to get knick knacks and other non-essential items for your home for affordable. And if you’re selling things at a flea market, you realize you are inside a place where folks are just itching to get rid of their disposable income, and it also doesn’t really matter what you’re selling, but they’re willing to buy it. So, you need to do one important thing and one thing alone when you are a booth a flea market: attract the foot traffic to you and also away from the other booths. It’s tough, since you’re all selling similarly pedestrian garbage, but with just a few tricks, you will be the big winner at the flea market. Below are a few hot tips from a flea market veteran.

1. Act The Part of the Big Name Booth

Element of acting the part looks the part. You can be a nobody without having swagger and money, however, if you pretend you have those things, you are able to attract the foot traffic like a mouse goes to a block of cheese. How will you do that? First, of most, no hand-written signage ever or by any means. You can get a trade show banner stand from the cheap online retailer like thedisplayoutlet.com to present your booth’s name and branding. It’s amazing what a little investment such as a professional looking sign will in fact do to suit your needs and for your booth. It’s human nature to be fascinated by something that looks a little more professional. Make sure things are printed at the very least by your computer and ideally from a real pro place. That’ll allow you to seem legit even if you’re just pretending to be.

2. Free Give Aways

Everyone loves something for free. Depending on what you’re selling, it never hurts to offer a little free incentive into the future over to the booth. A quick and easy method of doing that is by providing away free food. The wife, or even you yourself, can make up some snacks that will last the day rather than break the bank to produce. Anything can do, even rice krispie treats or cookies. Anything that can make someone who is walking by stop to notice. More often than not, they passer-by will feel guilty just grabbing a snack and bolting, and many times that will become a sale. It might appear like a cheap gimmick, but really it’s just a cheap way to drum up business.

3. Arrive Early to have the Good Spots

Fact of your matter is everyone enters the market in the same location, and it’s simply human nature to wish to stop at places you see as you enter. If you have a spot way in the back you are going to be out of luck, as by the time people get to the very far back, they’ll be tired, out from money, or won’t even get there to begin with. So the significant things is to make sure your locations is as ideal as it can be. So, it’s worth getting there in the real early side to make sure you’re not stuck means by the back. It’s important that a few extra hours early can make the full experience a lot more worthwhile.

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