Memphis Is a Historical City and a Great Place to Visit

4 October, 2015

Memphis, in Shelby County, is the largest city in Tennessee. The greater Memphis area, with a population of over 1.2 million, is the biggest metropolitan area in the state, after Nashville. The area around Memphis was first settled by Native Americans of the Chickasaw tribe and you can find this name on street signs and ball teams in the area. Resting on the banks of the Mississippi River It has been influenced by many cultures because of early explorers. It has been explored by the French and Spanish as early as the mid 1500′s.

The Mississippi, also known as the Big River, has had a lot to do in shaping the culture of Memphis and the surrounding area. It carried a lot of goods to and from Memphis in it’s early history and still does today. FedEx has it’s main hub in Memphis as well.

Memphis became a city in 1826 and shares its’ name with an ancient capital of Egypt. The pyramid was chosen as the shape of the city’s new collisseum where it held concerts and hosted basketball games.

Memphis was a focal point of the civil rights movement and is the city that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The hotel where it happened has been turned into a civil rights museum and is a tourist attraction.

Memphis, like much of the midsouth is very humid with hot summers and freezing winters. The area is often called tornado alley for all of the tornados that are produced there in the spring. That being said the climate for the most part is very nice and a good vacation spot. Memphis has some of the best fishing in the United States and many people will tell you it has the best barbecue.

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