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26 September, 2012

Short dresses have received a bad name in some places. Appearing provocative and easy is sometimes a suggestion that is received by women wearing a short dress. Some women with are able to achieve class by wearing a short dress if it is tastefully fitted. This is not achieved by all.

There is not a universal rule that constitutes a short dress. The unspoken rule of dresses and skirt lengths being no shorter than one inch above the knee exists in some workplaces. In other settings, the length is mid-thigh. Showing your kneecaps in some conservative locations is still considered too short.

University students in Sao Paulo, Brazil recently protested after a fellow student was asked to leave as her hem line was too short. Ironic in that this country is well know for bikinis and free spirited women Military police escorted the undergraduate off campus and required her to wear a coat to cover up. The length of her red dress was mid-thigh. Since the incident many have been outraged at the seeming hypocrisy of this event – that a young woman in a country that hosts a festival, which condones nudist celebration, would be punished for wearing a short dress.

Clear messages are sent by women who wear short dresses in the U.S. A woman is stating that she is confident about her body, she feels free to be more revealing, and she is not afraid of the risk involved in wearing the dress. This is not to say there are not those who might wear a dress for the sheer purpose of seduction. These short dress wearers abound, too, and some choose distasteful ways to honor the dress. The short dress does make a woman attractive and feminine when worn in a tasteful way and should not receive a bad reputation.

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