Monavie features antioxidants that fight free radicals Brets

12 September, 2010

If you have already noticed Monavie then you probably recognise how great it can be for your health, as it can enable you loose weight and be healthier. This juice provides 19 different juices that provide you with vitamins and minerals that reduces cancer and heals ulcers, plus that it reduces or eliminates irritation. It has been proven to be the super food of our century.

Monavie is a health drink formulated with the acai berry, a fruit found only high atop towering palm trees in the lush Amazon Rainforest of South America. Folks who take Monavie also experience an improvement in teeth and gum health. Moreover, their skin quality is improved and they often feel revitalized. In addition, this product can deliver you more energy and has the capability to relieve stress in people.

Besides the acai berry, there are eighteen other ingredients in MonaVie Juice: pear, white grapes, acerola, aronia, cranberry, pomegranate, banana, apricot, kiwi, nashi pear, purple grame, passion fruit, prune, lychee, blueberry, camu camu, wolfberry, and bilberry.

The significant thing is about Monavie is the money prospect is comes with. You should read more about it at the best Monavie review. Monavie also comes with a money opportunity, as an independent distributor, your can get a very nice income benefits, up to 50% of the sales volume paid into commisions, depending on the product and quantity sold. You start to make serious money with Monavie when you have two “legs” underneath you. These legs are really two other businesses or individuals that you bring on board to also buy Monavie and they must be on auto-ship or place an order every 28 days.

Monavie was produced in January 2005, and for a network advertising service they have grown very rapidly, in truth a single within the fastest growing company’s ever seen in Network Marketing. It pays out 50% volume out into the network and their Monavie compensation plan has 9 ways to earn income!

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