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13 July, 2017

Living on a budget contrary to what you may think, budget is not a dirty word. Check out the how to living on less video on How To Make An Excel Budget Analysis Below.

Cut out nonessentials is another easy ways to save money. Hey, if you want to see massive money savings, cut out unnecessary expenses like cable TV and fast food. You will be amazed at the money savings from living on less. Learn to cook. Restaurants, fast food these are nothing but money pits. Avoid buying sodas and snacks from vending machines. I finally figured out how much more things cost from a machine than in a grocery store, and guess what, ca-ching, money savings!

Buy generic. Generics have gotten a bad rap. Put away your love affair with brand names and money savings are right around the corner.

Quit or reduce smoking. Does anyone have any doubt that this is a good idea? Cigarettes really add up over a year. I quit and not only do I feel much better, my money savings are going though the roof.

I know this isn’t going to go over well but here we go. Order vegetarian. That’s right, vegetarian. I’ve been doing it, and guess what, they’re so much less expensive than meat-based meals.

Drink less alcohol. This is an easy money saving tips for college students who spends almost a thousand bucks a year on alcohol? Think about that. Just cut down, and like everything else on this list, the money savings add up.

Stop with the lattes and the cappuccinos. These $4 drinks might taste good, but it’s easy to get your caffeine fix with much less expensive regular coffee drinks. Living on less means cutting down to one latte a week.

Turn down the heat. I’m not talking about freezing here, but you’ll be amazed at how much money savings per month if you turned it down every night and while you’re gone during the day or on week ends.

Use public transportation. Forget about driving everywhere. Have you looked at the price of gas lately? I found out that students get stellar rates on bus and other public transportation passes just try it.

Use the Web to comparison shop. There are awesome money savings deals to be found on the web. Use the library it is perfect for people who are living on less. Do I really have to tell you that books, videos, magazines, CDs, and DVDs are free at your library? This can be huge. Use your student discount for even more money savings.

If you’re a college you have to carry around your student card everywhere on campus, so why not flash it at local retailers, too? Again, you’ll be amazed at how that will add to your money savings.

Consider cheaper entertainment. I found out how to live cheap by going to an early movie or splitting dinners with a friend on “buy one, get one free” coupons that are every where these days. I mean, why not? Use your living frugal meal plan. Hey, you’ve already paid for it. Don’t pay again for the same meal some where else. And just watch the money savings pile up.

Cut back on prepackaged, prepared food. I did a little simple research. One pound of individual servings of oatmeal costs $3. But, bulk oatmeal is $1 for one pound. You don’t need to be a genius to figure those money savings one out.

Watch out for bank fees. They’re constantly coming up with new ones. And never over draw your checking account the fees are outrageous. Being wise about these living frugal techniques can pay big dividends. Look at the money savings you have mad by just thinking before you pull out your wallet. Make sure you take advantage of all of these saving money tips. Who couldn’t use more money savings?

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