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16 June, 2013

From the Desk of Andy

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Dear Friend,

It’s hard isn’t it, trying to teach your teenager about
money while working a full time job, keeping the house clean and
managing every other distraction that fills up your day? Your busy
and hectic schedule leaves little room. 

But luckily, there is a
complete system in place that will teach your teenager about money without
argument or frustration. Best of all, it is “Teen Approved”.
This means it already has been read and approved by over a dozen
teens and their parents.

While I was
writing this book I was getting instant feedback from my focus group. These included teens and their
parents. This special group gave the final version of this book “two thumbs


information in your book is excellent. Not only has it helped my
son, I even learned a thing or two. 🙂
Thank you for including us in your focus groups.

 – Daniel C., Livonia, MII

Every step of the way,
I have received feedback on what to include and not
to include. That’s right, I
literally had teens and their parents looking over my
shoulder while I was writing this book. This book has
everything your teen needs to completely understand money.

This book will teach

This book is a simple, proven
and guaranteed plan
that will teach them
the vital “how-to’s” of money.

I Have Put Together the
Ultimate System to Teach Your
Teenager About Money and Fast!

My name is Andy LaPointe and I have spent the better part of
my adult life studying, verifying and teaching the very
best financial strategies and cutting edge money techniques
. Over the past 14 years I have
been a student of money and the stock market.

Since 1994, I have been a
financial advisor and a registered investment advisor. My financial practice
specialized in only two areas: retirement planning and
teaching teenagers how to be money smart. I have dedicated my
entire professional career educating future generations the
strategies and how-to’s of money.

The precious gems of
knowledge I am about to share will transform the way your teenager
views money forever.

To view the back cover of this downloadable
book, click on the Show Back button..

several years teaching teenagers the strategies on how to keep
and make money work for them, I realized that most teenagers didn’t have a step-by-step
money guide readily available. I knew I had to do something. I
decide to publish my 14 years of real world investment and
teaching experience into a new downloadable book – one that
holds nothing back.

So for
the past year I have spent over 1,000 hours, burning the candle
at both ends. I compiled all of the best information and
worked with my focus group to produce a one-of-a-kind book that gives your teenager a compete how-to
guide on money.

This information-packed, downloadable book has
over 115 big pages of proven money strategies and techniques for
teenagers (and some parents too!).

“I have been
trying to teach my 15 year old
daughter how to budget her money without any
luck for 2 years. After she read your book, she
now uses a budgets her money. She is also saving
her allowance, which is a first. Thanks”

 – Samantha C., Atlanta, GA

wrote this one-of-a-kind
book so any teenager can
learn valuable money
skills. They
will learn these vital
skills fast and without

Believe me I know the
subject of money can be
I have
taught countless teenagers
valuable money skills and
this book is written with
them in mind. Most
teenagers don’t understand
money for two reasons:

Was it because these people weren’t
intelligent enough? No! 
Was it because they didn’t have
caring and loving parents?


It was because they didn’t have book
written for them. By
following the
simple, yet powerful strategies in my book
your teenager will fully
understand the power
of money and fast! You will learn
the exact same strategies used by

hundreds of parents I have taught over the

“My son has
struggled with money, but thanks
to your book he now understands how it works. “

 – Gary Z., Daytona Beach Shores,

information-packed book is LOADED
with the “tips”, techniques and
your teenager needs to know to
enjoy of lifetime of financial
success. You can get the
electronic version
of this report within minutes!

I don’t want you
to take any risk at all in ordering this book. So here’s
what I’m willing to do: you get the book and put it to the

If at the end of
the 8 weeks you don’t feel this information has helped
your teenager to better understand money and has transformed your
teen into a Money Smart Teen…Simply ask for a

 I’ll give you
100% of your money back. No hassles. No questions.

step-by-step guide is written with very simple and easy to
understand terms with — no fluff, and your teenager can
put the information work right now.

Order Your Copyof Money Smart Teens for just $19.95.
Right Now

Order Now And I’ll Throw in Two
Free Bonus Gifts Valued At $35

If you order
you’ll receive the following


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information to protect your child from online
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  Total Value
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Don’t forget – you have up to 2
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But even if you decide to
return it…
you keep the two bonus gifts.


VIP Download Form



I want to my teenager to be a Money Smart Teenager… please give me INSTANT ACCESS
to my downloadable copy of Money Smart

right now…

The instant my order is approved,
I’ll download my copy of the book.


What are you waiting for? You have nothing
to lose…

…and your
teenager will be a successful for their entire life!

Order This Book Now!





Now’s its your
teenagers chance to
finally learn
everything about money
This one is a no-brainer thanks to your 8-week
Order This Book Now!


Money Smart Teen

70 53 M – 88 South, PO Box 12 28

Bellaire, MI 49615


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