24 October, 2017

  • Exclusive and Advanced Notice secret shopper job listings.
  • Jobs you can apply for today that are provided by some of the best secret shopping companies out there. Many of them are exclusive to MoneyandShopping Members. Others are provided to members at least 24 hours before they are posted anywhere else, giving members an advantage over everyone else.Catherine Calvo, Houston, TX

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    Employers – Post Your Monday and I just got one more! With the six assignments given to me I have already earned back the sign-up cost and then some!
    Money and Shopping Network is a very user-friendly web site. Thanks Angela for such great work in

  • FREE ONGOING Shopper Training
  • New training is provided on a biweekly basis. MoneyandShopping.com will teach you how to be such a “good shopper” that companies will be asking you to shop for them.

  • FREE Monthly Teleconferences
  • These teleconferences will give you a first hand look at the Secret Shopping industry. Guest speakers include company owners to tell you HOW to get hired, schedulers that will give you the ins and outs of doing a good job and experienced shoppers providing their tips and tricks to getting the best jobs.

  • Personal attention
  • We are available to answer a member’s questions about all aspects of secret shopping. And we offer Live Help within the members area so you can ask your question anytime we are online.

  • Access to All the Best Secret Shopper Job Sources.
  • Access to a searchable and constantly updated database of more than 600 of the BEST companies that hire secret shoppers. I’ve worked for many of these companies myself.

    Yes, there are more than 600 companies that hire secret shoppers, BUT we only list the best ones to work for. Each company has been investigated and pre-approved. You will get a detailed description of each company that also includes their phone number, address and e-mail address. There is a live link to the main page of each web site plus a link to their online application if they have one. No experience is necessary for these jobs.

  • Entry into the shopper database.
  • On occasion a secret shopping job will not be completed by the original shopper that was hired to do it. When this happens, companies have to scramble to find a new shopper to complete the job by the deadline. And they may pay more for these shops because they are urgent.

    You’ll be able to choose the state and cities where you’d like to do secret shopping and provide your name and contact information so companies can contact you directly. And you can list that you will accept last minute assignments.

    We make this shopper database available to the companies we consider the best of the best.Personal attention
    We are available to answer a member’s questions about all aspects of secret shopping. And we offer Live Help within the members area so you can ask your question anytime we are online.
    Access to

  • Member’s Reminder Service
  • This allows members to put in their shops and then 1, 3 or 5 days before that date they will be sent an email reminding them of the assignment.

  • Access to the “Shopper Wanted Ads” directly from shopping companies.
  • Some companies are contracted to do the same shops every month (apartment shopping for instance). But the same shopper cannot do them twice in a row because they would be recognized. So, we have developed a Shopper Wanted section where companies can post these jobs for our members to see. You will be able view this section any time you wish and then contact the company about getting the job.

  • Reviews of Secret Shopping Companies
  • Find out all about the companies that hire secret shoppers straight from the mouths of the shoppers themselves. These reviews tell you what other shoppers that have worked for a company thinks BEFORE you apply to work for them.

  • And More…
  • I’ve been a prospective apartment hunter on several occasions, a possible new cell phone owner, and have eaten in many restaurants. I’ve bought new clothes (and yes, I got to keep them), and I’ve done telephone customer service evaluations. I have even visited all of my local Post Offices to mail packages to friends and family around the holidays to evaluate service.

    And the great thing about all this is that I get paid to do it. Not only that, but I get reimbursed for any money I spend during the assignment and usually get mileage too as long as I have a receipt and mileage records.

    For most jobs, all I have to do is fill out a questionnaire, and my work is done! I’m asked questions like:

    I know that it will enhance your life too. Here’s what some of our members are saying. I can’t wait to hear your success story!


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