Moped Scooters The Three Easy Steps to Save the Life of Your Engine

10 June, 2016

There isn’t anything better than a smooth-running engine to keep your scooter going strong for many years to come. Understanding how to keep your engine in super condition will help you extend its life span and the quality of the ride. The good news is, a scooter engine does not require as much attention as one may think, so putting in a little effort when it is needed saves you time and potentially a lot of money over the lifetime of your hog. Like life, the same applies for moped scooters, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here are the 3 simple steps that’ll lengthen the life your engine and your scooter.

Step 1: Regular Oil Changes (for typical 150 cc moped scooters)

Regular oil changes are the 1st order of the day, and are definitely the important thing you can do to prolong the life of your engine and scooter. It does not a lot, and it will do amazing things for the engine. A standard rule of thumb, is to have the oil changed each one thousand miles. If you ride a lot , you may wish to change it every 1,500 or so. Or if you don’t ride very much, at least ensure you’re changing the oil once per season. Also note, for brand new moped scooters, I suggest changing the oil within the first three hundred miles for sure. There’s a lot of waste and junk from the factory that may get into the engine when it’s initially assembled, so it is crucial to get one done early. Oil changes are straightforward to do, and there is no excuse to not get it done. But if you do not like getting involved, or you just don’t want to do it, then take it to a shop. But ensure you get it done.

Step 2: Transmission Oil Replacement – for typical 150 cc moped scooters

Transmission oil is another critical upkeep step in lengthening the life of your engine. If you don’t change it, the oil can carry garbage or waste from the continuous engine friction, and probably will excessively wear on your gears. Like oil changes, it’s also an easy step that isn’t that costly, and it’s excellent for extending the life of moped scooters. It really depends on how much you ride, but I would recommend changing this each three thousand miles or at a minimum once each year.

Step 3: Change The Air Filter (for typical 150 cc moped scooters)

Air filters screen and reduce all the garbage and pollutants from your scooter, the valves, fuel lines, pipes, and most importantly, the engine. Having a clean air filter is one more way to protect your engine from garbage build up, and making it work harder over time. Your engine will thank you for having a clean air filter with smoother rides and a much longer life. The nice thing about air filters, is they don’t usually have to be replaced very often, every couple of years or so. But they do need to be cleaned regularly so as to work correctly. Check you are cleaning your air filter each two thousand miles, or at the very least once each year.

The replacing of an engine with good maintenance will barely be a worry. If you look after your engine as you should, and go easy on the aftermarket mods, you won’t have to worry about engine failure or replacement. The only potential issues you’ll run into for moped scooters are high mileage, failed maintenance, and modifications that overwork the engine.

If I had to pin it down to a single thing you could do to lengthen the life of your scooter or engine, it would definitely be remember to do regular oil changes. This is the most crucial, and many times, the most overlooked. So put it on the calendar and get the oil changed regularly. You can also get specific information for all kinds of hogs, by clicking here moped scooters. Or another great resource, is to check out sunny scooters.

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