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8 June, 2012

Top 10 Weird Mormon Beliefs

There is no question that every religion has their own set of impressions and concepts about what their faith means and how it should be applied to their everyday lives. Mormons are no different and have their own different mormon beliefs as well. When one likens other religions against their own, they often seem strange and mystifying. There are 10 standard believes that the Mormons feel very strongly about.

Belief one
Mormons believe that there are many gods and many worlds. Their belief is that every universe has its own unique God. We only have to abide by our God that controls this planet. They also believe that if one can get to the highest level of many levels of heaven that they will become gods themselves. There are many scriptures that they base this on according to their own specific Bible. Like any organized religion though it comes down to a matter of interpretation

Belief 2
This deals with forgiveness. According to the Mormons, all sins are forgiven with the exception to the first one in denying the Holy Spirit and the second is murder. They stand on the premise that once God returns then wherever your status is at that point deems where you are going to end up and you will not be given any further chances.

Belief 3
We referred to different levels of heaven or what is considered as multiple levels and that there are actually three diverse heavens. There is the Telestial heaven, which is the lowest level and those who basically followed the carnal laws reside here. Then there is the Terrestrial, which is the mid heaven, comprised of the followers of Moses and finally the last and highest level being The Celestial Kingdom. This is reserved for God himself and all the faithful followers that followed his law.

Belief four
This is in reference to priesthood and in this religion only males that are believed to be worthy become part of the priesthood and once they do so they are given very specific duties. Up until 1978, black people were never allowed into the priesthood and to this day females are definitely not allowed.

Belief 5
The nature of God in this religion is the belief that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are all exists as separate beings. The Mormon belief is that these three are resurrected beings that have bodies of flesh and bone.

Believe six
This belief is interesting in that according to the book of Mormons Jesus actually visited the Americas. This is based on the story the tribes of Leah this was to have taken place after the resurrection

Belief seven
Modern revelation as many may not realize it the mormon religion possesses a belief in a prophet.

Belief eight
The next one that we deal with is spirits. The belief here in is that prior to everyone coming to live they existed as a spirit.

Then once they are on earth and then die, their spirits then become separated from their bodies. If they have lived a good life then they go to the spirit paradise if they have been unscrupulous individuals then it is off to the spirit prison they go. According to the beliefs here, the whole spirit world exists until the second coming of Christ

Belief nine
Is in reference to the pleasures in life but there are a lot of doctrine in the Mormon religion that applies to what one should take pleasure in and what should not be taken as pleasure. Three of the major taboos are coffee, drugs and tobacco

Belief 10
Tithing which has to do with the money and is actually quite prominent in many religions. However, with the Mormons the concept is that if you want to get into the highest level of heaven then you must pay up the money.

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