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25 January, 2011

The Best Video Editing Software
There is nothing quite like watching a film on the big screen at a movie theatre. However, the entertainment industry is always coming up with new ways to enhance the movie watching experience at home. Improvements in video editing software brings media playback to a new level. PowerDVD allows users to upgrade the picture quality of movies and convert them to 3D for the ultimate viewing experience.
Blu-ray Discs played on their compatible players are of the utmost quality in sight and sound. The images on the screen are noticeably clearer and the sounds are crisper than those of a regular DVD. Video software has the technology to change regular DVDs into Blu-ray quality. This saves a customer a lot of money over time because they will not have to buy the player and special discs.
In order to fully escape reality and get lost in the intense action of a movie, viewing it in 3D is necessary. This technology allows the audience to feel like a part of the drama. The sensation of being fully immersed in the storyline by becoming part of the scenery is unlike any other viewing experience. This video software converts any 2D movie to 3D to bring movie watching to a totally new level.
In today’s world, everyone is connected through social networking and people are constantly sharing their thoughts and opinions. Video enhancing software allows the view to write reviews or make live comments about the film they are watching. If they wish, these conversation starters can be posted to Facebook, Twitter, or other outlets to make the experience a social experience.
New technologies in the video software industry bring home entertainment to a new level. Blu-ray playback and 3D support are among the playback capabilities of the PowerDVD package. This product is the first on the market with this kind of media enhancing technology.

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