My Favorite New York Collection Agency

24 July, 2016

Even though I’m currently living in New Jersey I still get calls from that New York collection agency. I moved here to escape the high living costs of the state only to find a stagnant economy and not much job opportunity. I’m living right on the poverty line and my credit card bills are adding up. I haven’t really been able to pay my student loans in several months and I’ve resorted to walking instead of driving to save money on gas.

Life for me had been on a downward spiral after I graduated from college. Thinking that my degree would earn me a high paying job I foolishly began taking out credit cards and using the frivolously without concern. Months later when I realized that my savings was dwindling and I still didn’t have a job I saw that paying the remaining balances were going to prove difficult.

I didn’t have many options on the table and one of the only solutions I saw was to move. With a friend living in Trenton he allowed me to move onto his couch without paying rent until I could find a steady job. Decent waged positions are slim pickings around here though and being unable to put my degree to real use the typical work I can find is sporadic jobs in the construction field.

With my payments looming over my head and New York collection agency Rapid Recovery leaving messages on my voicemail incessantly I needed help. I needed a veritable financial plan to pull myself out of the hole I’ve dug nearly six feet deep.

Finally with a little luck I stumbled onto a man named Patrick Maser who helped me start my own career. By selling telecommunication services directly to customers I make money every time one of those services is in use. Now I can pay all my bills and I’m not being bothered by collection agencies any longer no matter how good they are at what they do. I even moved off my friends couch.

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