My partner and I love my new toy the great Imperia Pasta Maker is so quick to make great pasta Dirks

14 December, 2010

I’m amazed just how simple it is to make with the use of one of these gadgets.

The results are perhaps not quite as excellent as with hand made pasta, yet they unquestionably beat packages of pasta available in the malls.

You are rewarded with pasta that is lovely and ever so smooth it knocks those shop bought dry pasta packets I buy out of the park any day!

The ingredients I used foregg dough areIngredients I used:

one hundred and fifty g of flour
2 eggs
A pinch of salt

Place the flour at the center of a clear leveled work surface. Make ahole in the center

Now with the pasta machine mounted on the table top set the rollers on their broadest position. Pull apart a piece of dough the size of an orange. Put the excess dough in between two soup plates which keeps them from drying out too much. Feed the dough through the rollers. Fold it in half, end to end, and feed it through again about 7-8 times, turning it and folding it over after every kneading. Our dough is generally smooth and pretty uniformly rectangle-shaped. Lay this out on a lightly floured work top, and do it again with all the remaining dough, broken into pieces approximately the same size

Now the actual dough is rectangle-shaped, you ought only pass it through the remaining roller width settings once.

Now make the pasta sheets into the shapes or strips you require. You can get accessories for the maker to achieve this if required or you could do it by hand whichever suits you best.

I usually cut my own into strips as it’s much easier to hang when drying. I personally use the back of a chair for this purpose because it usually work well. You could utilize some coat wardrobe hangers instead I guess.

And there you have it – all ready for that tasty Italian pasta dinner which you had in mind. You will really notice the taste!

To get a good run-down on my new toy go here Imperia Pasta Machine

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